CAMPAIGN-I: Behind the hype - Virtual personalities versus real costs. Will the pop music charts make Tmmy a financially viable cyber personality?

Tmmy (pronounced Timmy) is a virtual popstar launched by the makers

of Ananova, the cyber newscaster. The Digital Animations Group

specialises in creating virtual character technology, and the company

intends to release a track on a CD called You Make My Day, by the

virtual star later this month.

The cyber chick started life as a digital sales representative for the

company in August last year. She appeared on a Korean business and

technology TV programme and then presented an award for animation at the

Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Things started to hot up when Tmmy was a review presenter at the

Edinburgh Festival and on the arts portal

DAG launched a site dedicated totally to Tmmy in February.

Site characteristics is elegantly designed. She is a purely

online character and brand, so her entire identity has to come across

through the site.

DAG shows it strengths in this area with smooth, flawless design and a

distinct house style - complete with a video for her single.

Tmmy is obviously aimed at the younger market, with a short, funky

hairdo and trendy clothes. The downside is that her "biography" is

almost nauseatingly politically correct. Tmmy is being lauded by her

creators as the ultimate branding tool. They have experimented by

placing products in the video slot.

Target audience Tmmy is aimed at the teen audience.

Founders and funding She was created and is wholly owned by the Digital

Animations Group.

Marketing DAG has just signed a deal with Sonic Advertising, the online

advertising sales house that focuses on the music market and is owned by As part of the deal, Tmmy will take centre stage on, which will promote the singer, as well as her record and

video. In September, the cyber popstar will host the website's Click Pop

fanzine site.

Competitors Tmmy's closest competitor is Ananova, the virtual newscaster

that was created by DAG on behalf of the PA, and subsequently sold to



The DAG technology is expensive. Tmmy's success as a commercial venture

is yet to be seen. - We're not convinced.