CAMPAIGN-I: Carat Interactive launches e-CRM system

Carat Interactive is to unveil a new electronic customer

relationship management (e-CRM) system this week, which will focus on

providing the agency's existing clients with full e-mail marketing


The division will be called Carat Message, and the department will also

rely on the expertise of CLIM, Carat's list management arm. Carat

Message will be able to provide all customer relationship services

in-house, including mobile marketing, list brokering and data


The agency will represent and sell the e-mail databases of clients to

outside brands - and has already begun to provide this service to


Carat Message, which will initially have a staff of five, is being

headed by Carat Interactive's planning director James Harris.

Existing Carat Interactive clients said to have signed up for Messages'

service include NTL, Renault and BAA. Harris said the agency intends to

go outside its client roster over the next few months to pitch Carat

Message as a stand-alone service, and also expects mobile marketing to

become a significant part of the business.

According to the managing partner of Carat Interactive, Robert Horler,

Carat Message will have the capability in-house to produce e-mail

marketing campaigns, but he added that they will also outsource creative

solutions to external new-media agencies.

He said: "We've been involved in e-mail marketing in the past and could

never find anyone who covered every element of it.

"An e-CRM programme is considered the most cost efficient solution for

attracting and retaining customers."