CAMPAIGN-I: Chrysalis bids to form net promotional body

Chrysalis New Media and Emap Digital are launching a

business-to-business campaign to promote the internet as an advertising

medium to marketers, in a move which calls the effectiveness of the

Internet Advertising Bureau into question.

The IAB, which was conceived in 1997, has been striving to educate

marketers about the internet, as well as create standards and

accountability within the online advertising industry.

Although Chrysalis New Media, which owns the online sports network and the black music portal, has spoken to

the IAB about the new initiative, it is not yet clear whether the

industry body will be involved.

Lisa Gordon, the chief executive at Chrysalis New Media, said: 'The

industry needs to legitimise itself. It needs an independent solo body

whose single purpose it is to promote the medium to the advertising


'We've been talking to the IAB, which has been very supportive, but it's

got a slightly different agenda. We have a very clear mandate that could

be set up as a separate division within the IAB. If we can do it through

an existing body, then that would be better, but if our issues are going

to get lost then we'll do it as a separate venture.'

The news coincides with the announcement of a strategic review from the

IAB, with which the organisation intends to examine its initial, current

and future objectives as well as its current budget and resources.

The IAB's chairman, Danny Meadows-Klue, admits the body's lack of funds

and resources in the past had hindered its capacity to promote the

internet to marketers. He said: 'We warmly embrace the enthusiasm of all

media owners to market the medium more heavily. It's about helping the

advertisers appreciate the uses of the web.'

Both Chrysalis and Emap are members of the IAB.