CAMPAIGN-I: Harrison quits Grey to join forces with Vinton

Chris Harrison, the managing director of Grey Interactive TV, has

quit the agency to join the former Ogilvy & Mather creative director

Marcus Vinton's unnamed start-up.

Harrison, who has been at Grey for three years, will join Vinton as the

start-up's chief executive. Vinton is the chief creative officer.

Harrison has been a pioneer in the field of interactive TV while at

Grey, responsible for the UK's first interactive TV commercial. The

spot, for Procter & Gamble's Pantene haircare brand, went on air in May


He said: "When I started at Grey, I had this idea that I'd get five

years of service under my belt. I've enjoyed my time at Grey but what

Marcus is doing is very exciting."

Vinton left O&M earlier this month to launch his own digital television

company, which is expected to offer a combination of creative and

strategy in digital media.

Harrison, who quit last week, joined Grey in June 1998 with a brief to

develop interactive marketing campaigns for Grey's clients, as well as

to attract new clients. The agency has yet to appoint a replacement.

Harrison joined Grey from Mouse Power Multimedia Studios, where he was

the head of communications and business development for just over a


Before that he was editor of Multimedia - The Magazine.

"I was never someone who wanted to run my own business," he said. "But

I've just been drawn into it. I'd seen Vinton's work and thought he was

doing similar stuff to what we were doing at Grey. I've been frustrated

by the perception that interactive television is about technology. TV

isn't about technology. I want to be a part in evolving that. We want to

build value - building a massive business would be great, but it comes

second to value."

Vinton said: "I think over the past three years Chris has displayed

outstanding qualities in the interactive arena. He thinks beyond

templates and design and understands brands. He's done pioneering work

and structurally he's a very good manager and an all-round top bloke."