CAMPAIGN-I: ISBA supports IAB's moves to introduce web audit standard

ISBA, the trade body that represents British advertisers, is

backing efforts by the Internet Advertising Bureau and ABC//electronic

to attain a single industry standard for measuring the use of


The move is a bid to boost online ad revenues as scepticism around web

auditing within the industry grows.

The development follows last week's news that Chrysalis and Emap Digital

are to launch an initiative to promote the internet as an advertising

platform to marketers.

Faith in the internet as a marketing medium has waned following a number

of recent events. E-district, the internet and interactive TV portal,

dismissed its chief executive, Steve Laitman, last month after

discovering that its figures had been overstated to advertisers.

Research by ABC//electronic found that 37 per cent of marketers are

concerned about the lack of accountability and more than 85 per cent of

respondents agreed that third-party internet audits and certification

are as crucial to the buying decision as for any other media.

Bob Wootton, the director of media and advertising affairs at ISBA,

said: 'The success of the online advertising market will depend on

dotcoms throwing their support en masse behind a single, independent and

reliable advertiser-focused standard for web auditing. This is the most

pressing issue for the online community if its ad market is to achieve

its revenue potential in the long term.'