CAMPAIGN-I: Lateral gives Odeon site an overhaul to target young adults

The Odeon cinema chain is relaunching its website, with a design

overhaul by web consultancy Laterel.

The new website - - is aimed at young adults who are

fanatical about film and will be promoted through the cinema chain's

in-house advertising and on radio. A tie-up with Empire magazine will

also see the website being promoted through Emap's TV channels.

On the site, users can read reviews and film synopses, which are

supplied by Empire, and can book and order tickets online, a service

that wasn't available on its previous website. They can then pick up

their tickets at the credit card machine at the cinema. People wishing

to book tickets at the chain's Leicester Square venue can also pick

where they want to sit in the cinema.

"Obviously with the growth of internet bookings, we felt that cinema

bookings fit together very well," Richard Storton, the brand manager for

Odeon, said. "We wanted to have a website that complemented our

phoneline and bookings office. Ease of use was probably our most

important feature but we also want people to come back time and again to

find out information on films so they don't have to go anywhere else. We

will be moving the website forward over the coming months."