CAMPAIGN-I: Mars signs up Worldpop to target young adult market

Mars Confectionery is launching a mobile marketing campaign through

Worldpop this week aimed at pushing its Twix brand to the young adult


The promotion is aimed at 18- to 24-year-olds, and is targeting clubbers

by offering them free entry to some of the UK's most popular clubs.

The "Twix List" promotion will offer clubbers the chance to get

themselves on a free guest list for a variety of clubs via the use of

SMS. Worldpop will send out weekly text messages to its dance database

and those that send text messages back to a given number will be put on

the list. The user will have to present a Twix wrapper at the club door

to redeem their free entry.

Gary Pitt, the director of sales and sponsorship at Worldpop, said:

"We've done plenty of direct marketing via SMS but wanted to build in a

big response mechanism. "

The SMS campaign is being targeted according to age and


Of the 27,000 people on the Worldpop dance database, only those aged

between 18-24 and living near the participating clubs will receive the