CAMPAIGN-I: Ogilvy Interactive creates PDA game for IBM

Ogilvy Interactive has created the first branded PDA game around

IBM's involvement with Wimbledon.

The game, a more sophisticated version of the early computer tennis game

Pong(TM), is part of an extensive interactive campaign by IBM.

The online campaign consists of a series of three highly interactive

banners, a microsite and the downloadable game. The interactive work

will be backed up by a widespread press campaign. Ambient work has also

been devised by OgilvyOne.

The Flash banner ads highlight IBM's e-business infrastructure and use a

feed from Wimbledon to convert scores into sound files in real time, and

show the live weather conditions. One, "matches in progress", is six

times as large as the traditional banner perimeter and allows the user

to scroll around a large map of Wimbledon. As the cursor moves around

the grounds each court is highlighted showing the live match in

progress. The banners feed through to a splashpage.

The PDA game is made up of five sets of six games, which use the same

scoring system as tennis. The games get increasingly faster as the match

progresses but the player can volley and hit the ball harder by moving

the racket in certain ways.

Free to download, the PDA game can also be e-mailed, providing a viral

element, and beamed via infrared to other IBM Workpads, Palms,

Handspring and Sony handsets. It can be downloaded from,

sport., and


The banners are being placed by Mdigital on sites such as, msn.,, and