CAMPAIGN-I: Outrider secures E4 e-account following C4 strategy rethink

Outrider has snatched the online-media marketing account for E4

after the channel's parent, Channel 4, changed its marketing strategy

for the new digital channel.

Mdigital said it was awarded the E4 account in March, with Gluemedia as

the creative agency. However, this was never confirmed by Channel 4.

Since then the media owner has reviewed its marketing brief and

appointed Outrider above mdigital to carry out a permission-based e-mail

campaign. Gluemedia is still the creative agency on the account

(Campaign, 23 March).

The first internet marketing project Outrider will create to support E4,

which launched in January, is an e-mail campaign for Big Brother


The e-mail will go out to more than 500,000 people who signed up to

receive information about Big Brother during last summer's series.

Simon King, the head of strategy at Outrider, said: "Because it's a new

brand, we're doing a lot in terms of databases, audience segmentation

and permission marketing. We want to make sure that the media side is


A source at mdigital said that two weeks after the agency won the online

marketing brief for E4, Channel 4 reviewed all the marketing for the


Mdigital had been briefed to do off-site marketing and customer

acquisition initiatives, but when the brand reviewed its marketing

strategy the brief changed and the channel chose to focus on building

existing customer loyalty rather than acquiring new customers.

Outrider, which is working with Deepgroup's Gluemedia on the E4 account,

recently bought the online creative advertising agency Incline.