CAMPAIGN-I: Oxfam seeks better web awareness via cost-per-click push

Oxfam is launching an online campaign this week in a renewed effort

to generate more awareness of its internet activities and encourage more

people to get involved with its events through the web.

Creative for the advertising campaign is being handled in-house by

Oxfam, but the charity is using the cost-per-click online ad network

ValueClick to distribute what will be a banner advertising campaign.

ValueClick uses a performance-based model of online advertising, which

means that advertisers only pay for banners that generate a response

from web users.

The campaign is designed to drive traffic to, and the

charity has signed a year-long contract with the network.

Valueclick has more than 4,500 sites on its network, and has guaranteed

to deliver more than 60,000 visitors to the Oxfam website over that


John Wood, the web producer at Oxfam UK, said: "To date, any online

advertising we have done has been through the donation of space from

media owners, for example, when we ran our emergency appeal for the

Indian earthquake at the beginning of last year." was launched in 1996. Wood said: "We have seen over the

past few years that our supporters want to have a relationship with us

online. Our agreement with ValueClick guarantees the delivery of a

certain amount of people to the online promotions we run."

The campaign will include a number of different creative executions, and

Wood stressed that it will aim to raise awareness of all of Oxfam's

different activities.