CAMPAIGN-I: Perspective - Forget the portal, build a cathedral

The internet has become a true mass medium: the early sense of

novelty has almost evaporated. Quality levels of entry are significantly

higher. Having a company website today is as important for its

reputation as having a coffee machine. Building a portal as a collection

of items and/or (worse) just external links and then hoping that

everything will fall in place by itself is hopeless. Even a portal is

not enough these days. You have to build a cathedral. Think


Firstly, choose your god carefully but be sure that it is your


This is the object of your devotion and means to your salvation: revenue

streams will persist and venture capitalist forces will be more


Be a monotheist or a pagan according to your situation. Revelation

(research) will tell you that.

Secondly, build the altar by the book. The homepage is your altar. The

sacred place where it all starts and behind which some of the most holy

secrets of your religion are practiced. Build it by the book: picture

all the most important moments from the life of your god, keeping in

mind the rules of order and presentation.

Next, write your bible. Always say it simply, with words that flow, and

make your visitors feel good, easy, and complete. Avoid an avalanche of

facts, unless they're put in context and can be sung. Strive to amaze,

help, nurture, give peace. Divide into chapters. Have a few legends.

Remember to pay attention to the service. Community, community,


Listen, listen, listen. Don't drag, don't be late, don't be boring. Have

ceremonies, sermons and confession boxes. Excite, build love and

admiration, invite participation. Make sure all leave your cathedral

with a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Nurture the soul, but collect money. Let them look at the heavens, but

free their hands to fill the collection on Earth. The amount of money

elicited is proportional to the degree of excitement reached during the


Always stick the collection box right under their noses. Create


Change their lives. Let them spread like a virus. Incentivise. Create

members of the inner circle - evangelists happy to know the secret. If

you're in doubt about this, speak with any Mac user.

Lastly, prepare for the afterlife. Eternity is a long time. Don't let

your flock abandon you. Build your Heaven carefully, let your

personalisation angels speak and make them all rejoice in one mighty CRM



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