CAMPAIGN-I: Perspective - What’s in a name? Anything, it seems

It’s getting increasingly difficult to come up with a decent web name and address.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to come up with a decent web

name and address.

Everyone knows that there simply are not enough domains to go


The internet naming group ICANN’s recent decision to phase in new

suffixes, maybe including .travel, .shop and .bank, might help alleviate

this problem, but it has yet to agree what they will be, who can own

them and when they will arrive.

Until then, you can amuse yourself by looking at the current crop of

dotcom start-up names.

It’s as if there are groups of people holed up all over London in

possession of good start-up ideas, but desperate for a name to match.

They spend hours typing suggestions into domain name search services,

working through all manner of possibilities.

At some point, when it’s late and ideas are drifting toward the absurd,

someone, in a flash of bizarre inspiration, shouts out: ’What about It’s hip, 60s and an American dance: no-one can possibly

have registered that!’

Well, that’s what you would have thought but, in fact, is

already live on the web.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen (it’s all about a

smooth house move - Smove, right?), (the Beach Boys

are moving house for you), (delivering the best of

Manchester to your door) and (where there are just 35

categories on the site).

I’ve also been playing this game of late - entering endless web

addresses into only to find out that someone has already

registered the same brilliant name that we had considered perfect for

Haymarket’s up-coming marketing and media portal. It’s tricky, as

choosing badly might be enough to sink us, while the right name could

play a significant part in future success. You have to wonder, for

instance, about those sites that launched with an ’e-’ or an ’i-’

prefix. Does that name prohibit expansion? Offline, for example?

This is the point at which I get to say that we think we have cracked

the name game, having acquired a URL that describes what we are


It’s hip and slightly edgy, but offers scope for expansion in a number

of different areas. Unfortunately, it is under wraps, but you’ll be able

to judge for yourselves soon enough.