CAMPAIGN-I: Playjam lures Lilley from ntl to bring in advertising revenue

Playjam, the interactive gaming channel owned by the digital

production agency Static, has poached ntl's director of advertising

sales, Peter Lilley, to be its director of media revenue.

Lilley will take charge of the four-strong commercial advertising sales

team at Static, and will be responsible for developing the Playjam

channel into a primary choice for UK advertisers. He was in charge of a

28-strong sales team at ntl.

Colin Cardwell, the marketing director at Static, said: 'Peter's key

role will be to bring advertisers on to the service.'

Lilley said: 'Brand placement within the games is attracting the most

interest from advertisers.'

Brands currently advertising on Playjam include the electronic games and

accessories retailer Electronics Boutique, and the online betting

service BlueSquare.

Playjam recently became the first interactive TV channel to be measured

by Barb. The service, which broadcasts interactive games and

entertainment across the web and on interactive TV, is currently

available on Sky Digital, ONdigital, ntl and Canal Satellite.

Advertisers can sponsor games on the platform.

Cardwell said: 'The move by Barb to measure us poses more questions than

it answers. Barb will be able to tell us how many people are using the

channel, the user's age and sex and how long they stayed on the service.

But we still won't know how effective an interactive TV ad is. There's

still a lot of work to do and we're hoping to work with Barb on that.'