CAMPAIGN-I: Private surf - Dave Waters, the creative director at Duckworth Finn Grubb Waters, tries Deepend's French Connection work on for size

T-shirts with fuck written on them. What fantastic advertising.

It's brilliant. Like all men, particularly men in difficult mid-life, I

find myself looking at every girl's t-shirt. When she's advertising

'fuck' across her bosoms I just stare. It's perfectly legitimate. Any

girl who wears 'fuck' on her breasts is asking for it. And, of course,

subliminally I'm remembering the name of the brand.

Obviously, I couldn't resist As if fuck wasn't

enough of a come-hither, kinky bugger is the foot in the door. I got a

cup of tea, a box of Kleenex and logged on.

You kind of suspect from the name that this is going to be a short step

away from Gary Glitter stuff. When it was advertised as a TV ad so

contentious it got banned, well, I thickened despite myself.

I went through the site's clever test to see what level of raunchiness I

was best suited to and, as a being so sexually charged that I should be

in rehab, up comes the corresponding edit of the ad.

Boy and girl talk to each other, there's something about a condom and

then the boy says kinky bugger. There's a bit of scrabbling at each

other's clothes and she's clearly a bit of a minx but, to be honest ...

nothing happens.

Now, I've seen Tarrant on TV and I know there are commercials out there

that have been banned for very good reasons. Frankly, I was


I wandered around the rest of the site, a fairly anodyne catalogue, a

run-of-the-mill shopping thing, all very nice and matching the posters

for type and style. But having aroused me with all that foreplay, the

site didn't come across.

I'm at a difficult age and, frankly, maybe slightly jaded by the

pictures at And, in truth, maybe it doesn't matter how

outrageous the ad is. This is a valiant attempt to subvert the media

(television, internet and press) and gain disproportionate fame instead

of running just another telly ad.

As such it's a great success and I wish I'd done it.

Owner: French Connection

Site: positioning Online awareness campaign for French Connection

Launched: February 2001

Developed by: Deepend

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