CAMPAIGN-I: Private surf - Mark Griffiths, the interactive creative director at WCRS, takes a tour round the virtual Battersea Power Station

We've all done it because, even as I speak, the rules are being

written making it easily done. The old

lull-yourself-into-a-false-sense-of "I know what this internet thing is

all about" security-thing.

The power station's main site area consists of games, which although

cool-ish and playable, force the question: "Does this sum up the

potential power station punters?" Er, no, quite simply. Not unless they

are installing tangerine dreams and marshmallow skies in the riverside

park area (see kaleidoscope game - enter main site and follow escape


The nuts and bolts of the issue such as "what's this power station going

to be anyway?" is buried under a pile of designer irrelevance. This

makes me think that the communication was lead by execution - confusing

at the best of times.

To make matters worse, the copy is dreary legal banter, of which I read

about a paragraph at most on each section before contemplating


A good writer and massive tonality injection would not have gone a miss

here. That would probably be your ideal site in actual fact.

It's a shame because the guys who built this site are obviously good at

what they do but seem to lack direction. For me, to focus the

"interactive" part of any communication directly on the message ensures

the "user" is engaged at the right time. Hopefully coming away feeling

enlightened, or at least knowing what a flat in the power station looks

like and that they can't afford to live or shop there.

This site uses interactivity, which actually distracts from the power

station itself, and has an online brochure attached to the back end of

it. Not the best solution for me but not to worry guys, hardly anybody

reads this bit anyway.

Owner: Park View International

Launched: December 2000

Developed by: Random Media

Site positioning: Build the brand of the soon-to-be redeveloped power

station without being too specific