CAMPAIGN-I: Private surf - Seb Royce, the creative director of Gluemedia, checks out the Tate's website

Everything here is laid out extremely well. After a very quick

loading sequence, my first impression is the one that stays with me

until I leave - this site has been nicely designed, well thought through

and is, moreover, very useful. The pages are clean and uncluttered with

a soothing choice of colours throughout. Text is easy to read,

unpretentious and to the point, and the navigation is some of the

easiest that I've come across for a site of this size. It feels, dare I

say it, like an "idiot's guide to the Tate" in that it's almost

impossible to get lost or confused even if you had no idea what the Tate

is all about.

This is a good thing. Art accessible to everyone? - job done.

And so to the work. There are various ways of finding what you want.

You can search an A-Z of artists, or by collection or by subject within

a collection. When I visited, there was also a collection of British

watercolours, drawings, oil sketches and prints curated by the

distinguished scholar, Paul Oppe. Again, navigation through these

sections is effortless. It is a pity that only 11,000 of the Tate's

50,000 pieces of work are accompanied by an image but this, we are

reassured on site, will change by next year.

There also seem to be a lot of copyright issues surrounding the works of

a few artists but again, we are informed that attempts are being made to

get round these. I would have liked to have been able to magnify an

image so I could look at it without it being surrounded by text, but

this is a small gripe.

I have a choice of ways to browse around the online shop.

And that's it. The Tate site is a good one. It doesn't get me fired up

but it's the art that is meant to do that, isn't it? Overall, simple

sophistication and functionality combine to make it a pleasurable and

informative experience.

Owner: The Tate

Brief: Reflect the new, clean, modern image of the Tate

Launched: March 2000

Developed by: Nyrris Digital Design