CAMPAIGN-I: Private surf

Simon Jefferson, account director for Unilever at Modem Media, has a stab at

Simon Jefferson, account director for Unilever at Modem Media, has a stab at

Here's a brief account of my experience with

09:30 (31 January 2001) Access the eatmail5000 site.

09:31 Site crashes machine: well, that happens from time to time.

09:33 Reboot computer and log back on to site.

09:34 Site crashes machine, again.

09:36-45 Successfully reboot machine, log on to site and start session.

Faced with a rather attractive remote control-style navigation system - nice touch. Saw some funny clips ranging from Ali G to something about squirrel fishing. Decided some were good enough to send to a friend. Could it be done? Nope. Instead posed with the following question: 'Would I send this to a friend?' Chose yes. Nothing happened. Great.

09:46 Asked another probing question: 'How good was this clip (One to ten)?' Six. Again, nada.

09:47 Must be dense! Proceed to register for more clips to be sent by e-mail to check how dense. Subjected to eatmail5000's equivalent of natural selection. Start to worry.

09:49 Complete form and submit: not as bad as I thought. Can't be that dense! Rushed to inbox to await new mails.

10:00 No new mails.

10:02 Slightly impatient and decide to re-register. Give fresh answer to crunch-time question, in case deemed naturally unselectable.

09:00 (2 February 2001) Still no new mails from eatmail5000.

09:01 Decide it was the site not me. Starting to feel better. Decide not to visit the site again!

09:05 Thought about their business/revenue model.

09:06 Couldn't think of one. Forget experience and read the paper.

It's a shame that it doesn't live up to its potential. I assume the site is meant to be a 'viral marketing facilitator through the provision of the 'best' QuickTime clips from TV and the web'. Hopefully, they will make everything simpler, more user-friendly and deliver on their premise. If they do that, the site may become more widely used and they may have a chance of securing additional funding.

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