Dan Sumption, the interaction director at Hard Reality, has a look at

Dan Sumption, the interaction director at Hard Reality, has a look


News International has entered the already crowded field of online

recruitment sites with, combining the jobs sections of The

Times and The Sunday Times. These two online newspapers have long been

pet hates of mine because of their scrappy design, unfathomable

navigation and lack of brand coherence. Fortunately for job-seekers

everywhere, Revolver has inherited none of its parents’ handicaps.

While most competitor media owner job sites cannibalise their print

sections, Revolver attempts to act as an intermediary in the recruitment


Users can enter an online CV and submit this to the advertisers on the

site. You can search the jobs listed for specific terms, or perform a

search that is based on category, location, salary and term.

If you don’t find your dream job immediately, you can save your search

and have new matches e-mailed to you.

Employers get a slightly rougher deal. Basic listings are free but you

need an account - which you can’t create online - to post a vacancy.

Instead you need to go through the tedious process of e-mailing or

telephoning Revolver’s sales team. Once you have your account, you can

wait for the CVs to flow in - browsing is free, but if you want an

applicant’s contact details then you have to pay for them.

Revolver is stronger in functionality than its competitors and better

positioned than rivals such as Jobstart. However, there is still plenty

of room for enhanced functionality. The launch ad campaign was fairly

uninspiring, but the site looks placed to do well in a highly

competitive sector.

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