CAMPAIGN-I: Securicor unveils Safedoor with pounds 2m online campaign

Securicor is dedicating pounds 2 million to an online advertising

campaign for the launch of its internet shopping service Safedoor.

The campaign has been created by the Chime-owned BloodPartnership, an

online advertising agency, and launches this week. The online media was

planned and bought by i-Level.

The online advertising for the new brand, which aims to give online

shoppers more security on their internet transactions, is based on the

offline work created by HHCL & Partners (Campaign, 9 March). It aims to

show how consumers can keep their personal details - including their

credit card numbers - private.

Safedoor's online campaign consists of more than 35 different creative

executions, which will use technologies including dynamic HTML, banners,

pop-ups and flash-ads. The ads are aimed at opinion formers rather than

general consumers.

Shaun Varga, the managing director of BloodPartnership, said: 'What

makes this campaign unusual is not just its sheer scale but the way in

which the two agencies worked together to form a seamless campaign.'

Safedoor is the first client project on which the two Chime agencies

have worked together.

BloodPartnership was formed in July last year by Varga and Jeremy

Garner, both founding members of Deepgroup's GlueMedia. BloodPartnership

clients include Iceland, and Charcol, the online mortgage