CAMPAIGN-I: Two Way TV and Sky Sports combine to provide games

Sky Sports and Two Way TV have teamed up to develop interactive

programming for Sky Sports viewers, paving the way for interactive

gaming to be offered to the huge Sky Sports audience.

Two Way TV's interactive games allow users to play games with their TV

sets, in some cases paying for the privilege to win prizes or cash. The

game structure is expected to be carried on to the Sky Sports


Interactive gaming will allow viewers to interact with sports events

such as football games, Formula 1 and golf. They will be able to predict

events, such as whether a goal is going to be scored or who is going to

win a race. Predictions would then be logged into a database with

viewers able to watch their success at the end of the match.

Simon Cornwell, the chief executive of Two Way TV, said: "The

combination of Sky Sports' quality coverage and renowned interactivity

with Two Way TV's unique ability to deliver live interactive games into

the home will create a new and potent viewer experience.

"This co-operative agreement with one of the world's top sports

broadcasters is in itself an endorsement of the interactive expertise

that we have developed."