CAMPAIGN-I: WEB WATCH - Lifestyle sites

Rank   Site                    Address               Latest monthly page

                                                  impressions (millions)

1      FHM                                       14.0

2      Vavo                                        9.6

3      Uploaded                                7.0

4      Handbag                                  5.4

5      Maxim                           4.4

6      Ministry of Sound                   3.1

7      Vogue                                    3.0

8                                    2.6

9                                      2.5

10     StudentUK                              2.0

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This week's lifestyle chart is partly a tale of new-media brands triumphing over old ones. Vavo, the portal for the growing mass of silver surfers, overtook IPC's well-established lads' brand Uploaded during the past month by more than two million page impressions. If that wasn't already bad enough, Handbag was also on the rise, with more than two million page impressions ahead of Vogue.