CAMPAIGN-I: WEB WATCH: lifestyle sites

Rank   Site                   Address                Latest monthly page

                                                  impressions (millions)

1      FHM                                       14.5

2      UpLoaded                                7.7

3      Vavo                                        7.2

4      Maxim                           4.4

5      Handbag                                  4.0

6      Ministry of Sound                    3.1

7      Vogue                                      3.0

8      BeMe                                        2.6

9      Student UK                             2.0

10                    1.5

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This week's chart-topper FHM is also the nation's favourite men's title, but it is getting some serious competition online from Vavo. Vavo is aimed at 'silver surfers' who are proving to be as active an audience as FHM's young males.'s ads might have swept the board at the Campaign Poster Awards, but's traffic beat the magazine's website with a million more impressions.