CAMPAIGN INTERACTIVE: INTERNET ADWATCH - Microsoft and IBM take net adspend to new heights to make June an impressive month, John Owen reveals

Microsoft just pipped IBM to the top spot in Fletcher Research’s table of the top spending online advertisers in the UK during a bumper month in June.

Microsoft just pipped IBM to the top spot in Fletcher Research’s

table of the top spending online advertisers in the UK during a bumper

month in June.

The US software giant’s pounds 97,000 spend is easily the highest figure

recorded since Fletcher began releasing its data five months ago. In any

other month, IBM would have been a clear winner.

The two computing companies helped fuel a record total adspend figure of

pounds 1,401,000 - a big relief for the industry after May’s expenditure

dipped well below the pounds 1 million mark for the first time.

Before anyone breaks open the bubbly, however, it should be noted that

the inflated spend figure does not necessarily signal the presence of

more advertisers online. The top ten advertisers alone accounted for

some pounds 472,000 - 34 per cent of the total.

That said, there was one significant new face in the top ten for June,

which was, of course, the month of the World Cup. Anheuser-Busch, at

number five with a pounds 30,000 spend, supported its Budweiser brand

with a major online campaign during the tournament, having built a

growing brand awareness among net users with its sponsorship presence on

the Sky World Cup site for the previous nine months.

It’s good to see such a blue-chip, non-technological, young man’s brand

using the web to this degree. The even better news is that it appears to

have worked. Jason Goodman, the business director at AB’s agency, BMP

InterAction, claims the tracking research was very positive among the

18- to 35-year-old male core target audience and says Budweiser is

already planning its online activity for next year on the back of this

success. Let’s hope some other beer brands take note.

For the moment, the rest of the top ten is still made up of either IT,

online or financial services companies. Given the dominance of the

computing companies, we thought it was about time we looked at the top

spending sector in its own right. The figures in the second table

reflect only the adspend that relates to computing - rather than web

navigation, for example - which explains the lower figures. That aside,

there are few surprises. The computing sector as a whole spent pounds

395,000, accounting for 28 per cent of the total advertising spend.


RANK   ADVERTISER                    Estimated Value*

                                        (pounds 000s)

1      Microsoft                            pounds 97

2      IBM                                  pounds 95

3      BT                                   pounds 71

4      Hewlett Packard                      pounds 60

5      Anheuser-Busch                       pounds 30

6      Cisco Systems                        pounds 28

7      Looksmart                            pounds 26

8      LineOne                              pounds 22

9      American Express                     pounds 21

10     Global Asset Management              pounds 21


RANK   ADVERTISER                    Estimated Value*

                                        (pounds 000s)

1      Microsoft                            pounds 82

2      IBM                                  pounds 72

3      Hewlett Packard                      pounds 60

4      Cisco Systems                        pounds 28

5      Xerox Corporation                    pounds 20

6      Dell UK                              pounds 18

7      Compaq                               pounds 16

8      Sun Microsystems                     pounds 14

9      Content Technologies                 pounds 13

10     Philips                              pounds 11

*Internet Adwatch values estimated using rate-card-equivalent prices.

Estimates do not take into account publishers discounts. Excludes

advertising and adverts placed with barter networks(eg LinkExchange)

Data supplied from internet AdWatch(tm), the advertising monitor

produced by Fletcher Research (, 0800 068 1101)