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The glossy, highly designed quality of this site is impressive and the

Audi branding comes across strongly. The use of Flash animation is

extensive, though, so sometimes I felt trapped in a frustrating media

limbo between a TV ad and a website. I looked hard for something

interactive and useful, with added value, and found only an Audi Centre

locator. I looked even harder to find something that I could buy, but

the closest I got was an opportunity to phone for a catalogue,

containing ’useful’ items such as ... an Audi alarm clock.

As a branding exercise it works very well, and it could please the

self-styled Jeremy Clarkson type of car fanatic. I am not sure how much

benefit there would be here for an average punter wanting to buy a motor

but the site is certainly engaging.

Client: Audi (UK)

Brief: Enhance the Audi brand, provide customised information to the

user and facilitate the sales process by directing potential customers

to the Audi centres

Produced by: Good Technology

Created by: Bartle Bogle Hegarty and Limbo



This micro website doesn’t set out to convey corporate messages or

product-related information, although they are there beneath the


Refreshingly, it portrays the brand in a fun, youthful light.

The essence of the site is the downloadable racing game, JetSpeed, which

can be used as a screensaver or standalone application with local

network options. The game looks and plays a bit like Micro Machines with

its retro looks and top-down view and is actually quite good fun as you

weave, spin and crash your way around a selection of Hewlett-Packard

products dotted along the track. It has novelty value and offers

irreverent fun, reminding me of my misspent youth playing


I haven’t really learned much about HP or the product range but the game

could add five minutes of fun to a grey day in the office.

Client: Hewlett -Packard

Brief: Raise awareness of HP JetDirect products among small businesses

Produced by: Clive Jackson at Global Beach

Created by: Global Beach

Address: www.hp. com/go/racing


’Not even an Aborigine with a boomerang would expect such a good return’

- or so I’m told as I finish playing the ’boomerang game’, one of six in

the highly interactive and enjoyable Virgin Direct screensaver package,

in which tongue-in-cheek humour is wrapped around product messages and

financial tips.

There is lots of variety here: some games involve skill, some require

timing but none are too taxing (sorry about the pun).

If you need to lighten up after a long lunch with a client, then the

Virgin Direct screensaver may be what you need.

The didgeridoo sounded great but you may want to turn the volume down if

you aren’t keen on annoying the boss. I find most screensavers an

irritating distraction, but this one is funny and effectively helps to

reinforce the Virgin brand.

Client: Virgin Direct

Brief: Produce a series of screensavers which would be fun, innovative

and enhance current advertising messages

Created and produced by: Studio Soup



The World Cup is long over, but can I revive my fickle interest in

football? Let me try ... first impressions are mixed as I try to

interpret the bizarre futuristic gadget metaphor that the design is

based around.

I’m glad I’m not connected to the site using a slow modem as the

graphics are plentiful. However, there is regularly updated news which

generates a sense of drama.

For the hardcore Gunners fan, there is tons of added value. Personalised

and branded e-mail and internet connection services, games, news to your

desktop, live chat, stats, fixtures and more - it’s intense.

The only disappointment is that there isn’t a naff haircut in sight.

Footballers these days are smooth and so is this site. The production

values and dynamic content and design elevate the Arsenal brand to David

Seaman status.

Client: Arsenal FC

Brief: Produce a fresh, informative and modern website for the new


Created by: Owen Pinch at Designercity Ltd

Produced by: Jeremy Kerner



With humour and brio, this lot are doing what every graphic designer

secretly desires - fooling with the brand! And they’re also playing with

our expectations of what a company might do on the web. A visitor to

this site is rewarded with an insight into what can be done with a brand


It has a new area that targets schools and web designers with two


In the first case, students are invited to imagine a new shape of Hula

Hoop. This ties in nicely with the TV campaign which plays upon that

oh-so-round shape.

The second competition throws down the gauntlet to web designers: give

good concept and you’ll be included on our site. Plus, we’ll throw you

some cash. Tasty.

Overall, the site is flip fun, graphics heavy but edible. But I don’t

think I’ll ever look at a Tube map in the same way again.

Client: KP

Brief: Develop an innovative and interactive vehicle to communicate the

fun element of the Hula Hoops brand to the core target

Produced by: Leo Burnett

Created by: Deep End Design