Campaign Interactive: Private Surf With James Hilton

How to make friends in new media - review a collection of other agencies’ websites. Great.

How to make friends in new media - review a collection of other

agencies’ websites. Great.

A real multimedia treat awaits you at the Interfocus site. Starting in a

virtual reception, I was soon watching a movie of the managing director

explaining the philosophy behind the company and it was good to see

there was a text-only version available. Sticky enough to keep me there

for a while, creative and navigation designed for human use meant it was

all easy to find - which was nice. Only one gripe really, being told

that the ’fish tank’ on the navigation was ’coming soon’. Maybe it would

have been better to wait before adding the link.

A cerebral offering from Leo Burnett, just as well really. Its site is a

dotcom, so no specific information for the UK visitor, but the focus

here is more on its philosophy and its creative vision which, if I were

a client, would be my first concern.

The forum section provided was interesting and had the option to add my

own point of view. The press releases section was up to date. However,

it was a shame I couldn’t search for relevant articles.

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising site gave me a bit of a

headache. Flash introductions are great (to a degree), but it’s nice not

to have wait for them to download, and even nicer to be able to skip

them altogether. Then I was asked whether or not I wanted to download

non-secure items. I don’t know - do I? What is a non-secure item? Jelly

underpants, maybe. Scary. A lengthy form that I had to fill in before I

could move around the site was another downer. The IPA does a fine job

but it could be a little more friendly to casual surfers who are just

looking to find out a bit more about it. An option might be to have a

general access area with information for all.

What better way to demonstrate the possibilities of new media than by

illustrating it with that most analogue of devices, the Post-It note

(it’s OK, I don’t know if I’m being sarcastic either). They’re

everywhere at But along with them is everything you’d

need to know about AMV: what they do, how they do it and what you should

do if you want them to do it for you. Quite a cool and widely borrowed

idea, but due for a change.

MindShare has another global site, so information dedicated to its

operation in the small hamlet of London is limited to one page. There

has clearly been a lot of thought and planning put into the site. It’s

clean and easy to navigate and the MindSharing section is a clever and

relevant way to show its way of thinking. A collection of viewpoints and

opinions on everything media gives me a good insight into where it is

coming from.

I couldn’t agree with me more on that. Can I go now?

James Hilton is executive creative director of AKQA


Brief Showcase the Leo Burnett global product, ideas, beliefs,

credentials and news from the network

Created by Capps Digital/Leo Burnett



Brief Give people a feel of what the agency might be like Created by

Peter Souter and Ian Hands



Brief Build a no-frills site which will develop into the primary

communications vehicle for the IPA Created by Mediatel Address


Brief Not supplied

Created in-house



Brief A global reference and contact point reinforcing the MindShare

brand and illustrating the agency offering

Created by Deepend



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