Campaign launches Hall of Fame

LONDON - There's no better time to launch a British Advertising Hall of Fame - view the inductees here.

Hall of Fame...marking 40 years of Campaign
Hall of Fame...marking 40 years of Campaign

View Campaign Hall of Fame 2008 inductees
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If ever there was a moment to celebrate the glories of the past 40 years and the 40 most influential people who have shaped British advertising into the world leader it is today, then this is it.

Why 40? Campaign is four decades old this autumn, and over that time has built its own brand by following the work of the greats contained within these pages. The establishment of a Hall of Fame to mark our anniversary and to acknowledge the enormous contribution of the industry's architects is absolutely appropriate.

You may not agree with all of our choices, but I defy you not to share a sense of pride for the achievements that are celebrated in our special Hall of Fame supplement. Everyone working in the business today owes a debt to the successes of our 40 heroes.

Just as important, though, is the fact that this British Advertising Hall of Fame does not simply exist in this moment in time.

Each year we will induct new achievers who are driving the industry forward, building on the successes of the past to ensure that Britain remains a world leader in the communications industry.

There are plenty of people working in the advertising business today whose careers are likely to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside those of the people celebrated here. Their time will come.

Nominate those who you think deserve to be included in the list in the comment section at the bottom of this article.

Claire Beale, editor, Campaign

Campaign Hall of Fame 2008 inductees

Row 1 (l to r)

David Abbott, Paul Arden, John Bartle, Tim Bell, Martin Boase

Row 2 (l to r)

Nigel Bogle, Simon Broadbent, Jeremy Bullmore, Tim Delaney, Winston Fletcher

Row 3 (l to r)

John Hegarty, Steve Henry, John Hobson, Hugh Hudson, Chris Ingram

Row 4 (l to r)

Stephen King, Ronnie Kirkwood, Frank Lowe, Patricia Mann, Peter Mead

Row 5 (l to r)

Colin Millward, Ray Morgan, David Ogilvy, Alan Parker, John Pearce

Row 6 (l to r)

John Perriss, Stanley Pollitt, Charles Saatchi, Maurice Saatchi, Ridley Scott

Row 7 (l to r)

Anthony Simonds-Gooding, Jeremy Sinclair, Martin Sorrell, Dave Trott, Adrian Vickers

Row 8 (l to r)

Alan Waldie, Christine Walker, John Webster, Paul Weiland, Robin Wight

Hall of Fame Book

To celebrate the launch of its Hall of Fame, Campaign has produced a special Hall of Fame Book. This contains biographies and portraits of all of the inductees.

To buy a copy for £35, contact Celia Miranda on 020 8267 4919 or email celia.miranda@haymarket.com.