CAMPAIGN MEDIA AWARDS 2001: The Brand Republic Award - Best Strategic Idea by a Media Owner in New Media

McVities Flipper Dipper on Cartoon Network

When Penguin launched its flipper-shaped chocolate snack, it was seeking

stand-out on an attitudinal platform that is cheeky, fun, cool and


Starcom Motive decided to drive the target audience to the Penguin

Flipper Dipper microsite on the Cartoon Network website. The microsite

environment included a game, Pengball (Pinball with Penguins), and

Flipper Dipper downloads (Penguins surfing on Flipper Dipper


Traditional ads on the TV network and in the Cartoon Network comic

backed up the site activity, inviting viewers to go online. The call to

action reached more than eight million children. Andy Young, the

marketing manager at McVities, said: "It was a great way to launch

Flipper Dipper in a way that let children 'find out first' before the TV

advertising, giving children the opportunity to talk about the brand and

become part of playground cool."


Title: McVities Flipper Dipper on Cartoon Network

Media Owner: Cartoon Network

Media Agency: Starcom Motive

Client: McVities

Brand/Product: Flipper Dipper

Marketing Manager: Andy Young