CAMPAIGN MEDIA AWARDS 2001: The Inside Ambient Award - Best One-Off Stunt - Ditch the Bitch

Ditch the Bitch! All Men Are Bastards!

With a £5,000 media budget, Brookman Solicitors approached Joslin

Shaw and sister organisation, SHAW PR, to devise a high-profile campaign

targeting high net worth individuals suffering marital breakdown. The

medium was washrooms, targeting men and women suffering marital

break-ups drowning their sorrows. Alcohol ends more marriages than

infidelity and, by using washrooms, they could be gender-specific in

their message. As the legal profession has traditionally ignored

washroom media, the intention was to achieve great stand-out. It

appeared to work: within two days, the first of many new clients called

Brookman from the lavatory of a City pub. What's more, Brookman's new

business enquiries increased by more than 50 per cent.

Better Reception

It was claws out in Soho earlier on in the year when Saatchi & Saatchi

London innocently started work on its new reception area in January


A white hoarding shielded the work from the public on which Saatchi &


TBWA/London, Saatchi & Saatchi's neighbour, leapt into action.

Overnight, the agency penned an ad and a poster featuring a giant red

arrow pointing to TBWA.

The next morning, Saatchi employees and clients arrived at their agency

to be greeted by the slogan adorning the arrow: YOU'LL GET A BETTER



Title: Ditch the Bitch

Client: Brookman Solicitors

Media Agency: Joslin Shaw

Media Director: George Shaw

Creative Director: Peter Costello

Account Director/Media Planner: Susannah Kirby-Green

Relevant media or Brand Manager: Katie Sheppard


Title: Better Reception

Agency: TBWA/London

Creative Director: Trevor Beattie

Client: TBWA/London

Brand/Product: TBWA/London

Relevant Media/Brand Manager: Graeme Arkell