CAMPAIGN MEDIA AWARDS 2001: The RAB Award - Best Use of Radio - Royal Mail's Name and Shame Valentine's Campaign

Around Valentine's, men need a wake-up call to remember to send

cards to the women in their life. However, they were opting not to send

them by post. Royal Mail found that lovers preferred to deliver their

Valentine's cards by hand, so wanted to devise a campaign which

bolstered mail volumes on Valentine's Day, particularly among young men.

Drivetime radio was chosen as a daypart when young men alone in their

cars could ponder the consequences of not sending a card. Capital Radio

DJ Neil Fox extended the campaign into editorial by inviting listeners

to call up and recount Valentine's Day horror stories.

The campaign had the desired effect. By putting the frighteners on men,

postbags over the Valentine's Day period ballooned by 148 per cent



Title: Royal Mail's Name and Shame Valentine's Campaign

Media Agency: Carat

Media Director: Philip Reddaway

Account Director/Media Planner: Simon Brockman

Client: Royal Mail

Brand/Product: Consumer Mail

Marketing Director: Paul Troy

Relevant Media/Brand Manager: Rosana Robson