Campaign Media Awards 2006: Best Automotive, Aerospace and Marine Campaign

Title: Honda Civic Virtual Test-Drive
Media agency: Naked Communications
Media director: Nicku Banaie
Media planner: Max Kennedy
Client: Honda
Brand/product: Honda Civic
Marketing director: Ian Armstrong
Brand manager: Matt Coombe

The new Civic was Honda's biggest launch for seven years and the car manufacturer wanted to target men in their early thirties, almost half the age of the typical buyer of previous Civic models. To get this target audience in to a dealership was a huge obstacle, so the idea was to create a virtual test-drive instead. The result was a standalone video game, the Honda Championship, with the new Civic as the top level of the game. It was distributed via the internet and through gaming magazines. Some 1.2 million people ended up playing the test-drive game, and market share for the new Civic has risen by a massive 25 per cent.