Campaign Media Awards 2007: Outdoor Sales Team of the Year - JCDecaux

Outdoor has been going through a period of growth, and this year's Campaign Media Awards Outdoor Sales Team of the Year can claim to have directly contributed to helping the medium take a bigger share of the advertising pie.

JCDecaux claims that of the £36 million that has been added to outdoor ad revenues in the first half of 2007, 60 per cent of that growth is accounted for by its sales teams.

And this isn't because it's been buying up its competitors. The team has increased revenue growth of 19 per cent year on year based on like-for-like figures.

Some of this success can be attributed to the fact JCDecaux has good product that people want to buy. However, it is also down to innovation and to creativity.

JCDecaux's creative team, headed by Sam Bird, continues to push the boundaries of outdoor advertising, providing clients with relevant solutions and consumers with engaging advertising.

One of the prime examples of this achievement is the work JCDecaux undertook for the launch of the Nokia N95. In featured bus shelters - one of the best places to find a captive audience who welcome distraction - mobile phone users could play an electronic game of pairs, matching up the five features of the phone. More than 20,000 of the games were played.

Other highlights for JCDecaux this year have been an innovative deal with Coca-Cola to develop two new initiatives. One of these is a new, non-glue billboard that multiplied the display quality and raised Coke's advertising above the norm. The other was a promise that all production materials for the campaign would be recycled, and converted into usable objects, such as traffic cones. This was a first for the outdoor industry.

Mercedes-Benz also found innovative solutions from JCDecaux when it wanted to launch its new C-class. JCDecaux adjusted the planning around local dealers, who were informed about the campaign to help increase their buy-in.

Clients of JCDecaux are fulsome in their praise of the company. One advertiser described the team as not only offering the best in terms of price, but "also in terms of quality and innovation". An advertising agency described the team as "very professional and very friendly. Always very good to work with, always willing to deliver and exceed expectations ... always coming up with extremely good creative solutions, not just about billboard but in terms of their creative department."


This year has seen CBS Outdoor investing heavily in digital products, and the company took the decision to create a dedicated sales team to focus on this new-business area. The result was Alive, a team that has the mission of selling the "allure, provocation and captivation" of digital formats. Since its launch, the Alive team has stimulated initial demand, and also managed to maintain almost 100 per cent occupancy - all at the same time as ensuring that it was not succeeding at the expense of other CBS Outdoor revenues.


- Clear Channel Outdoor.