Campaign Media Awards 2008: Best Retail and Home Shopping Campaign

Title: Divided By H&M
Media agency: Universal McCann
Media director: Beth Handyside
Media planner: Sophia Durrani
Client: H&M
Brand: Divided
Marketing director: Ulrika Miller
Media/brand managers: Fiona McElwain, Dezi Solomon

H&M chose London's bohemian shopping Mecca Camden to open its first store dedicated solely to its street culture-inspired Divided brand. While Camden is filled with alternative shopping experiences, H&M wanted to show that it was committed to maintaining the essence of the brand, as well as driving footfall. Research showed that music plays a huge part in the lives of the Divided target audience, so this campaign saw H&M create a venue for part of the Camden Crawl - the marathon music event sponsored by Xfm and attended each year by more than 15,000 music lovers. The result was 1,300 customers turning up for H&M's first-ever evening store opening. In fact, it was so successful that H&M had to close the doors due to popularity. Over the course of the first week, 5,000 customers shopped at the new store - significantly more than expected.