Campaign Media Awards 2008: Best Total Communications Programme

Title: Ariel Turn To 30
Media agency: ZenithOptimedia
Media director: Tony Robinson
Media planner: Tony Robinson
Client: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Ariel

Ariel's "Turn To 30" is a campaign that encourages consumers to turn their washing machine temperature cycle down by ten degrees. A simple step, but one that Ariel says can significantly cut on the energy used in a wash. Ariel has identified that its consumers are "light green", wanting to do their bit for the environment, but needing to be shown that their actions contribute to a wider effort and could help lead to positive change. The campaign worked across every aspect of Ariel's communications, from the packaging right up to the television campaign. Also incorporated were a bespoke website to support the message, editorial partnerships with magazines and newspapers, an experiential roadshow, celebrity backing from the likes of Helena Christensen and PR support. In 2006, only 2 per cent of loads were washed at 30 degrees. Now 50 per cent claim they wash at 30 degrees, and 88 per cent of people say they chose to wash at 30 degrees because of Ariel.