Campaign Media Awards 2008: Cross-Media Sales Team of the Year - Telegraph Create

The Create team has taken the Cross-Media Sales Team of the Year gong for the second year running, after another 12 months delivering creative advertising solutions and year-on-year growth.

The team exists to provide clients with bespoke commercial opportunities across all of the Telegraph Group's brands and platforms by working alongside editorial and advertising.

This year, it has delivered more than 200 campaigns for clients as diverse as Gordon's Gin and Volkswagen Passat.

Judges were particularly impressed with the Volkswagen Passat campaign, which centred on a podcast featuring the veteran performer Clive Anderson. The campaign was devised after research showed that the Passat target audience liked intelligent comment and satire, but, because of their families, he was also subjected to media such as X Factor and Coronation Street.

Because the car was seen as one of the few places where this consumer could choose his listening, the idea was to create perfect content to enjoy there. And, as the Passat now came with an MP3 docking station, this provided an ideal opportunity for podcasting.The result was The Anderson Files, which was offered free from iTunes and telegraph.co.uk and downloaded by 175,000 people each episode.

Create's work on the Gordon's Gin campaign backed up the mainstream activity with features on how to make the best gin and tonic and the best time to drink one, both in print and online.

The activity was designed to reinforce Gordon's authority as the definitive gin, the "G" in "G&T". In order to generate paid-for sampling, The Telegraph launched a two-for-one meal offer at more than 400 gastro pubs with a two-for-one deal on Gordon's and tonic - an offer that saw 275,000 Gordon's and tonics sold, according to voucher analysis.

It wasn't just the team's creativity that impressed judges, though - the figures were also impressive, showing a rise in revenue of 16 per cent in the space of a year. Even in the tougher environment this year, Create has managed to achieve 94 per cent of last year's final billings figure with four months left to go.

The feedback from clients was also persuasive, with one saying that the team does not "just provide us with what are clearly the best strategic solutions in the market, but also manage all aspects of our campaigns relentlessly, meaning they not only deliver on the goods, but also the results to go with them".


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