Campaign Media Awards 2012 - Campaign of the year: Ikea

Vizeum's brief was to make the Ikea brand synonymous with bedroom furniture and drive double-digit growth in bedroom furniture sales.

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The agency’s research uncovered the importance people place on a good night’s sleep and the role that a regular night-time routine and a sensible bedtime play in making people happy.

An impactful, yet friendly, "call to inaction" was devised to prompt consumers, at relevant times, to go "Happy To Bed", as symbolised by the Happy To Bed clock, reminiscent of the old BBC TV clock.

On Channel 4, Vizeum ran an ad campaign that secured the ten-second spot closest to 10.30pm every night for 20 weeks. To create the illusion of a "live" clock, 25 versions of the ad were made and the team worked closely with C4’s traffic department.

On Absolute Radio, Ikea sponsored Mark Crossley’s bedtime show and Vizeum created an audio Happy To Bed clock, broadcast at 10.30pm every night from Mondays to Thursdays.

The campaign was supported with a Happy To Bed mobile app, while paid-for search and SEO built the sleep associations further and drove people towards Ikea’s Happy To Bed experience online.