Campaign Media Awards 2020: Best International Strategy

Campaign Media Awards 2020: Best International Strategy

Zenith for Bodyform

Bodyform, needed to increase market share, but the way forward was not ‘absorbency and fit’ messaging, but instead in growing the brand – celebrating the vulva. And women could benefit from this too: research revealed 44% of women are embarrassed by their vulvas and over half feel pressure on how theirs looks. It was clear that focusing on the wonder of vulvas as they are would not only give Bodyform a point of difference, but empower all womankind. So Bodyform created an international film showcasing the beautiful diversity of vulvas, through analogous images of oysters, conch shells and juicy fruits, singing loud and proud to the women who own them.

But, the social giants cited ‘decency regulations’ and declined the ad. Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat all said no. The brand was told to consider “more stylised representations of the vulva”, a response it couldn’t accept. It could have made another ad. Zenith urged the client to make a bold move: compel social users and influencers to engage with the ban by building a movement to fight the taboo.

What started as a simple ad campaign became a crusade. The social giants’ refusal inspired us to campaign about the ban itself, and use the social channels’ own users to create a groundswell of engagement. The campaign resulted in over five million organic views with 96% positive comments. This was too big to ignore and eventually, the big media owners relented and allowed our ad to be used: a triumph for women the world over. Bodyform’s market share in the UK increased by 3% five weeks after launch (Nielsen, January 2019). Ipsos data in Sweden (March 2019) also showed x2 uplift in ‘brand different to the category.’

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