Campaign Media Awards 2020: Best Social Strategy

Campaign Media Awards 2020: Best Social Strategy

MediaCom for Tesco

Tesco's campaign to celebrate their 100th birthday was about giving customers exceptional value with prices that "take you back". As part of the celebration, Tesco sparked conversations with customers, using social listening to identify where they should offer their exclusive Centenary offers. It asked, and then it listened. Twitter is where conversation is happening, with 6m+ tweets about food each month. Two thirds (57%) of Tesco’s core audience use Twitter to talk about food. Monitoring customers’ conversations allowed Tesco to identify opportunities and respond accordingly. Tesco then used social listening tools to identify key topics of conversation about food occurring and recurring on Twitter pre/during the campaign.

These conversations helped identify the right products for Tesco to reduce that would stimulate conversation and buzz. The discounts were announced on Twitter as part of the Centenary celebration, encouraging shoppers to go instore to purchase. Chocolate is in the top three most tweeted foods every month and Tesco identified a trend where users track the price of Freddos, pining for the original 10p tag. With a “you asked, we listened” mantra, Tesco reduced the price and announced on Twitter that for one week only the price would return to 10p, targeting appropriate keywords and conversations. Having seen the impact of responding to relevant conversation, Tesco took this further, to involve the nation in the decision on what Tesco took the price back on. In return, Tesco received the best birthday presents: return on ad spend of up to £5.28 and shifts of 4% in purchase intent on Twitter.

Zenith for Bodyform

When the social giants Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat cited ‘decency regulations’ and declined Bodyform’s ad, the social giants’ refusal inspired a campaign about the ban itself. The campaign resulted in over five million organic views with 96% positive comments. This was too big to ignore and eventually, the big media owners relented and allowed our ad to be used: a triumph for women the world over. Bodyform’s market share in the UK increased by 3% five weeks after launch (Nielsen, January 2019). Ipsos data in Sweden (March 2019) also showed x2 uplift in ‘brand different to the category.’ 

Initiative for Carlsberg
MediaCom for Mars
Mediacom for Paddy Power
Spark Foundry for KFC