Campaign Media Awards 2020: Food, Drink & Household

Campaign Media Awards 2020: Food, Drink & Household

MediaCom for Mars

By putting a mini Bounty behind doors one and two of the Celebrations advent calendar, MediaCom created a Christmas coconut catastrophe for Bounty-hating Celebrations fans, but a triumph for Mars. MediaCom convinced the brand to move from traditional TV activity to a social-led stunt which gained enough cultural traction needed to get us talked about by Holly and Phil on This Morning, as well as selling 90K more tubs of Celebrations than the year before.

In 2018, Mars inadvertently caused internet outrage by placing a Bounty behind the first door of its Celebrations advent calendar, and #Bountygate was born, providing MediaCom with the insight to deliver the perfect springboard for Celebrations in 2019, reinvigorating the brand’s long-running strategy of ‘Choose Your Favourite’. In 2019 MediaCom recommended putting Bounty behind the first two doors of the advent calendar. But this time the team was ready to respond to the rage. Based on the previous year’s responses and popular online phrases (think #ChristmasIsCancelled) the brand responded to #BountyGate tweets live.

Custom-designed Bounty cartoons were accompanied by a Snapchat Lens, allowing users to turn themselves (and a friend) into their favourite Celebrations chocolate, Bounty included. MediaCom also bought video ads across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, with ‘Choose Your Favourite’ ads. With roughly a quarter of the typical TV budget, the brand accessed pop culture in a way not thought possible through a 30” spot, gaining over 100m media impressions including coverage in The Sun, HuffPost and LADbible. The judges said: “The idea is a stroke of genius and the scale of reach delivered is impressive.”

Carat UK for Cadbury's Dairy Milk

In the face of looming HFSS restrictions, Cadbury wanted to be brave and go beyond traditional TV campaigns to build an emotional connection. In the UK, 225,000 older people go a whole five days a week without speaking to anyone, and with elderly loneliness identified as a key societal issue where Cadbury could demonstrate its spirit of generosity, the brand partnered with Age UK to create the Dairy Milk 'Wordless’ Bar. The words on-pack were removed to promote conversation around the issue, while 30p from every bar went to Age UK. Partnerships with Gogglebox and Sue Perkins pushed the boundaries of TV advertising, and multiple media channels including Sky and Channel 4 worked to drive the nation to generous action through Donate Your Words. In all, 900,000 consumers donated their words as a result of the campaign, proving Cadbury’s spirit of generosity had inspired action.

Carat UK for Cadbury's Creme Egg
MediaCom for Costa
MediaCom for The Coca-Cola Company
OMD UK for McDonald's