Campaign Media Awards 2021: Food, Drink & Household

Campaign Media Awards 2021: Food, Drink & Household


Toast & Jam
Goodstuff with Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea has some of the most loyal and passionate brand advocates in the world and its ‘Specialty brews’ are effectively an ‘R&D range’, which tests innovative flavour variants like their Breakfast and Biscuit Brew. The launch of Yorkshire Tea’s ‘Toast & Jam’ Brew was likely to be polarising, so driving buzz and trial, whilst not alienating loyalists, was key.

Special variants are often launched organically. This was planned for Toast & Jam, but the furiously vocal reaction wasn’t. Whilst some people shared excitement and delight, there were many dissenters, with (often hilariously) damning critiques.

An opportunity was spotted: these reactions were likely to drive trial and PR: using these scathing, but funny, attacks on the new brew could keep detractors onside as fans, even if they wouldn’t buy the brew. The thinking was as follows: ‘if we are giving enthusiastic and receptive fans a curious and delicious new brew, we should give cynics and critics the right to reply’.

Using reactive, in-the-moment media opportunities were key, and using impactful, visual sites to get social posts out into the world – immediately. A national OOH campaign went live in under 48 hours, hitting Saturday retail footfall, supported by Spotify takeovers days later and paid social on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram running exactly a week after the
briefing, heroing the appalled reactions.

Embracing the controversy of the Toast & Jam brew launch and making detractors the ‘toast’ of a reactive campaign helped double the market share of Yorkshire Tea’s specialty brews.


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