Campaign Media Awards 2021: Media & Entertainment

Campaign Media Awards 2021: Media & Entertainment


I May Destroy You
Havas Media Group with BBC

To win back youth audiences, the BBC had to change under 35s’ brand consideration. Its series I May Destroy You, which tackled the topic of sexual content, was appealing to this audience but rather than simply telling young people about it, the broadcaster wanted to show how the series made a meaningful difference to their lives.

Consent is a hot topic but also a confusing one, with lots of misunderstanding about what
non-consensual sex looks like. Young people search for sexual health information more than
any other type and yet finding credible information amongst all the confusing messages is a real issue. The BBC’s strategy was to use media as a public service to address the issues of consent and sexual health, creating a trusted, authoritative place for people to explore, discuss, and engage with the series’ themes.

Recognising that it needed a new voice to engage meaningfully with the under 35s, The BBC partnered with The Face and gal-dem, both of which were experienced in shaping
authentic conversation around the culture and passions of the target audience. A digital zine, coinciding with Sexual Health Awareness week, and called ‘The Ins and Outs of Consent’, explored the grey areas of consent from multiple perspectives. It featured an A-Z of consent and seven ‘chapters’, covering topics like gender identity. The whole zine was interlaced with evocative video clips and pictures from the show, plus expert voices.

Youth consideration for the BBC increased and the campaign was praised on social media.

Highly Commended

The Launch of PlayStation 5
MediaCom in collaboration with TfL, Red Consultancy and Diva Agency with PlayStation UK

A multifaceted campaign heralded the launch of PlayStation 5 in the UK, including takeovers of tube stations on the London Underground and a partnership with Greggs to create the
‘Launch Box’, with classic snacks shaped like the PlayStation shapes. In a media first, Playstation took over the Piccadilly Lights with a 10-minute light show, and also brought the brand promise of ‘Play Has No Limits’ to life with out of home executions that leapt from billboards to grab players’ attention. Publisher LADbible‘closed’ its virtual doors on launch day, only publishing leaked internal memos and faked out-of-office replies explaining that, rather than making all their staff take or fake a day off, they’d been given a ‘PlayDay’.


BT TV Launch: Cinema Activation
Essence with DCM Studios and Recipe with BT

Big Zuu’s Big Eats
Hearts & Science with UK TV Dave

Bring Entertainment Home
PHD with Warner Bros UK