Campaign Media Awards 2021: Total Communications Campaign

Campaign Media Awards 2021: Total Communications Campaign


Laundry Against Landfill
Goodstuff with Ecover

Ecover developed its new ‘Bio Laundry’ from plant-based ingredients to rejuvenate clothes to save them from becoming landfill. Research has shown that more than 1,000 clothing items enter landfill every 30 seconds. If these lived on for just nine more months, emissions and waste could fall by 30%. Goodstuff’s challenge was to make more people care about preserving clothes, rather than just washing them, whilst purchasing a product nearly twice the price of competitors.

The campaign highlighted the issue of fashion waste. It needed to look beyond eco-evangelists to convince a larger but lighter green audience to take action. The resulting idea was ‘Laundry Against Landfill’, with a mission to turn these ‘eco-worriers’ into everyday ‘eco-warriors,’ by educating them about the impact of wasteful washing and wearing.

An innovative media approach saw Professor Green and Dawn O’Porter come on board as the faces of Ecover’s greenwashing movement and the campaign ran across TV, broadcast video on demand, YouTube, social media and out of home. In social media and YouTube, Goodstuff built eco-orientated audiences using different affinities, such as ethical consumerism, zero waste and green cleaning, reaching an incremental 802,000 light TV viewers.

During London Fashion Week, gritty fly poster sites were used over glossy six-sheets or large formats across the capital, with the aim of influencing fashionistas and tastemakers. The campaign convinced millions of people to change the way they care for their clothes and introduced thousands of new households to Ecover.


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