Campaign Media Awards - Best Travel & Leisure Campaign: Nike

Mindshare's challenge was to counter declining sports participation among teenagers by motivating them to set and achieve sporting goals.

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Research found that the primary motivation for teens was going to be attracting the attention and respect of their mates, so Mindshare’s strategy focused on encouraging and enabling them to broadcast their sporting goals as widely as possible.

A MakeItCount hashtag was set up on Twitter and promoted across paid, earned and owned media. In addition, at Nike Westfield Stratford, a photo studio allowed people to create a #MakeItCount image of themselves in the style of the elite Nike athletes that was beamed to 100 digital screens at the shopping centre and shared via social networks.

A MakeItCount sports day in London included branded runs and a basketball training session on the terrace of County Hall, while the IMAX cinema at Waterloo was transformed into a giant Nike+ FuelBand.

As a result, Nike more than doubled its major UK Facebook communities, added an extra 120,000 followers on Twitter and notched up 904,000 MakeItCount Tweets.