CAMPAIGN MEDIA AWARDS: Campaign awards put media thinking to fore

The aim of the Campaign Media Awards is to inspire and reward excellence in media thinking and promote the craft of media.

The aim of the Campaign Media Awards is to inspire and reward

excellence in media thinking and promote the craft of media.

Crucial to judging where media makes a genuine difference is a limit of

500 words on the first-stage written entry submission. The hope is by

setting this limit the judges will be deciding upon the merits of the

idea, not the process by which the execution was achieved.

(Shortlisted entrants may have the opportunity - if required by the jury

- to submit further material ahead of the final judging day.)

After consultation with leading media practitioners, the categories are

as follows:

Best sponsorship (event, media or both)

Best one-off stunt (in whichever medium or media)

Best use of outdoor as the principal medium

Best use of radio as the principal medium

Best use of press as the principal medium

Best use of TV or cinema as the principal medium (or media)

Best use of new media as the principal medium

Best use of mixed media (combining at least two of the other


Best international campaign (featuring the UK and at least two other


The judges, chaired by John Perriss, chairman of Zenith Worldwide, will

decide on an overall best media campaign of the year award to go to

either a single medium or mixed-media winner. The winner will, by

definition, have won at least one of the above categories.

The judges will also award a media owner of the year and media client of

the year, judging from a shortlist to be nominated by Campaign. The

shortlists will be known ahead of the night.

Campaign will announce its own media agency of the year winner on the

night, judged, as ever, by Campaign staff. The shortlisted agencies will

be known in advance.

The deadline for entries is 14 August 1998 and the awards will take

place on 23 November 1998 at the Park Lane Hotel, London. Entry kits

will be mailed to agencies next week. For further information, please

contact Helen Thomas on 0171-413 4391.

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The Campaign Media Awards came about as a result of approaches from key

players within the media community, several of whom noted it was

’bizarre’ that Campaign did not run such a scheme already.

The overall structure of the awards was created after consultation with

some of the major figures in the business. All were keen to stress the

importance of judging ideas and keeping the awards simple.

Mike Elms, the CIA Medianetwork chief executive, said:

’Campaign is the sector-leading paper. It’s very much at the heart of

media and advertising affairs. With media demonstrably able to make a

difference to clients’ marketing and business, the awards should be at

the heart of the business. It’s always been a matter of amazement that

Campaign hasn’t had them before.’

Colin Gottlieb, the co-founder of Manning Gottlieb Media, commented:

’Media is at the heart of advertising. Campaign is the journal of the

industry. The awards initiative is the ultimate recognition of the role

media plays in the delivery of clearly crafted communications.’

Graham Bednash, the co-founder of Michaelides & Bednash (Campaign’s

media agency of the year), said:

’It’s a brilliant idea and it’s right that Campaign is continuing to

raise the status of media. The awards are important because Campaign has

the power to reframe the way the industry sees media’s changing role in

the communications business.’

Jonathan Durden, the New PHD co-founder, said:

’This is an endorsement of the industry growing up, that media is at the

centre of things. It’s recognition that creativity and ideas are what

media’s all about. Campaign is the quality benchmark for our whole

industry, covering the world from a much broader perspective. Campaign

does awards best, and always has done.’

Christine Walker, the founder of Walker Media and former chief executive

of Zenith Media, commented:

’This is good for the industry. Anything that raises the status of media

ideas is to be welcomed. Campaign can raise the game and make media

awards more worthy and sexy.’