Campaign Media Awards: The CRM and Media Award

By combining its own CRM information with Facebook user data, EE targeted existing customers with highly relevant and effective messages at key moments, boosting loyalty and making EE their first choice. The activity won The CRM and Media Award at the 2018 Campaign Media Awards.

Campaign Media Awards: The CRM and Media Award


Facebook x EE: CRM in a Mobile World

EE, Essence and Facebook Creative Shop

EE wanted to deter customers from switching mobile network and ensure it was the first choice when existing customers’ contracts were up for renewal. Its insight had revealed that its emails including customer benefits were very effective at boosting loyalty among customers. The only problem was that 84% of people didn’t open those emails.

EE worked with Facebook to build loyalty, the mobile operator combining its CRM data with the social network’s user data to deliver contextually relevant messages at key trigger moments. Using a mix of EE customer data and Facebook and third-party data, Facebook was able to accurately identify EE’s customers. Facebook then extracted propositions from EE’s marketing email and used them to build awareness and excitement about the breadth of benefits available to customers, with these messages appearing on the Facebook news feeds of EE customers.

Using location and first-party data, EE targeted customers who were travelling internationally with the data roaming alerts, making sure they knew it would never let them go over their data allowance.

Five short videos were shot for mobile, from which Facebook created more than 30 pieces of unique content to keep the campaign fresh over 18 weeks.There was a 5.3% increase in customers choosing EE as their first-choice telecom provider.

Media director: Peter Jeavons

Senior planner/strategist: Leo Moore

Media/brand manager: Eva Azoury


News Personalisation at a Grand Scale


Client company: Telegraph Media Group
Brand: The Telegraph
Media Agency: Fetch