Campaign Photo - The cream of the crop

Campaign's inaugural Photo Awards aimed to recognise and celebrate the power of images in the commercial world. Chairman of the judges Graham Fink offers a personal view on what he feels made the gold winners memorable.

Campaign has launched its awards for photography. So it's quite refreshing to write about the photographs rather than all the clutter that normally goes around them.

This was the first time this event has taken place and I was honoured to be chairman of the jury. There was a lot of lively debate on the day, especially as the jury consisted of art directors, art buyers, picture editors and photographers. But here is my personal view on the gold award winners.

"Magnum (1) is a community of thought, a shared human quality, a curiosity about what is going on in the world, a respect for what is going on and a desire to transcribe it visually" (Henri Cartier-Bresson). So read the Magnum mission statement in 1947. Sixty-two years later, with all original members dead, Magnum, winner of the Best Picture Library award, still lives up to its original expectation. So I am assuming that these pictures are real and not set up. Each one simply and directly telling its own story. Bresson and Capa will lie comfortably in their graves.

Travelling in the good old USofA looks like it could be fraught with danger. Even without headlines, these witty pics in the Travelers (3, overleaf) campaign, which won in the Multi-Image Colour Campaign category, remind us that anything can happen - bears in the kitchen, cars in the swimming pool, water slides that miss their target. So best to take out travel insurance. Great pictures for a usually dull market. Not sure what it does for American tourism, though. The other thing I like about them is the filmic compositions and colour. These days, art directors rarely get to go on shoots, as it's mostly done with a trip as far as Getty Image Bank. How refreshing then to see good art direction and photography working hand in hand.

Love Your Life, Love Your Lines (4). Well, I love their lines. My female friends are always telling me that as women get older, they become invisible. Not these women. Three fantastic portraits, which also won gold in the Multi-Image Colour Campaign section, prove you don't have to be young and flawless to be beautiful. The photographer has caught the spirit and twinkle in the eyes of the sitters. We pored over these images on the day trying to work out how the photographer had managed to get such amazing detail in the skin. Was it a special lens or very fine grain film, or a mixture of both? These women look as though they have loved every minute earning the lines etched on their faces and are still up for fun.

This series for Diageo - The Heroism Of The Stag (5, 7) - is a personal favourite, and was judged the best Multi-Image Black & White Campaign. The images are simply stunning. These nostalgic-looking photographs could have been taken in the early part of the 20th century. Great composition; quirky subject matter. I am not sure how they achieved this, but it is a triumph of technique and idea blended perfectly together. Unsurprisingly, this won an award in the Black & White Medium & Effects category as well.

Evil President (6). Maybe I am going mad but I definitely see a connection with Donald Trump and George W (not that I am saying they are evil), maybe mixed with a tiny speck of cuddly Ronnie Corbett, in these images, which won the Colour Medium & Effects award. But what is it about big white teeth and oversize specs that makes us feel uncomfortable? I don't know why, but this image works and makes me feel uneasy.

The Most Powerful Image - Enfance Et Partage (2) - serves to remind us all that many children are robbed of their innocence and childhoods. A haunting and powerful picture, it was pretty much unanimous in being voted image of the year by the 22 judges. The retoucher has got it just right, the not too much old, not too much young. So it was the obvious choice in winning the Manipulated Medium & Effects category too.

(Mind you, they could have saved themselves all the trouble by photographing Frank Budgen.)

- Graham Fink creative director, M&C Saatchi (chairman of the judges)


1. Magnum Photos

Founded in 1947 by the photographers Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David Seymour, Magnum soon rose to become the world's premier agency for photojournalism, supplying the media with stunning images captured from major world events. The photo library holds around 300,000 photographs, a rich source of material from the Spanish Civil War to the present day. If it's an iconic image, the chances are it's come from Magnum.

2. Enfance et partage
Photographer: Alex Telfer
Brand: Enfance et Partage
Entered by: Alex Telfer Photography
Creative agency: M&C Saatchi Paris
Creative: Caroline Picard (art director)
Location: Studio
Brief: Children to look like old people, highlighting the dangers of

3. Travelers
Photographer: John Offenbach
Brand: Travelers Insurance
Entered by: John Offenbach Photography
Creative agency: Fallon Minneapolis
Creative team: Dean Hanson, Emily McDowell (art directors), Dean
Buckhorn, Reid Hultman (writers)
Location: Los Angeles
Brief: n/s

4. Love your life, love your lines
Photographer: James Day
Brand: Dove
Entered by: James Day Photography
Creative agency: Y&R Paris
Creative: Stephanie Surer (art director)
Location: Studio
Brief: The brief was to shoot some older women's faces, particularly
emphasising the lines on their face. Excerpts of their life stories were
printed over the wrinkles in the final ads.

MULTI-IMAGE CAMPAIGN: Winner - Black & White
5. The Heroism Of The Stag
Photographer: Stuart Hall
Brand: Cazadores Tequila (Diageo)
Entered by: Carolyn Trayler Agency
Creative agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Creative: team Gavin Harrison, John Figone, Barb Sansom
Location: California, Utah, Arizona, New York
Brief: A series of images depicting stags' prevalent heroism through the
ages. Strengthen the stag logo of the brand with humour.

MEDIUM & EFFECTS: Winner - Colour
6. Evil President
Photographers: Sean & Ben
Brand: A Large Evil Corporation
Entered by: Coy! Communications
Creative agency: Coy! Communications
Creative team: Mark Denton (creative director/art director), Rory
McGaskill (freelance art director)
Location: Studio
Brief: A Large Evil Corporation is a very small friendly animation
company. The requirement was to realise a fictional evil leader to
represent its potentially darker side

MEDIUM & EFFECTS - Winner - Black & White
7. The Heroism Of The Stag
Photographer: Stuart Hall
Brand: Cazadores Tequila (Diageo)
Entered by: Carolyn Trayler Agency
Creative agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Creative: team Gavin Harrison, John Figone, Barb Sansom
Locations: California, Utah, Arizona, New York
Brief: A series of images depicting stags' prevalent heroism through the
ages. Strengthen the stag logo of the brand with humour.

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