Campaign podcast: Ogilvy ECD talks Sipsmith’s Mr Swan's Wimbledon Centre Court appearance

Campaign’s senior reporter Fayola Douglas talks to Ogilvy's ECD about the latest Sipsmith campaign

Sipsmith: Wimbledon sponsor
Sipsmith: Wimbledon sponsor

Campaign’s senior reporter Fayola Douglas catches up with Ogilvy ECD Jules Chalkley on the stop-motion set of the new ad born of the Sipsmith and Wimbledon partnership, featuring the feather-brained Mr Swan.

Chalkely explains the exacting detail the set designers had to go to recreate a scale model of Wimbledon Centre Court - famous for such fastidious rules as allowing the grass to reach only 8mm in height.

Chalkely also reveals the new characters accompanying Mr Swan, including the long-suffering Ani, Rufus the hawk and of course, a Wimbledon super fan.

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This episode was hosted by Campaign’s associate editor Kate Magee and senior reporter Fayola Douglas, and edited by Lindsay Riley.