Campaign Portfolio 2008: Greenpeace

What if ... you could take people to places they've never been, show them things they've never seen and tell them stories they've never heard?

Our pictures have the power to engage, inspire and transform your audiences. For nearly four decades, Greenpeace has worked with outstanding photographers and filmmakers to campaign for a green and peaceful world. Our award-winning photo and video archive bears witness to a planet - and its people - under pressure.

We are surrounded by terrifying images of global climate change; rising seas, melting glaciers, and burning forests. Sometimes, the human misery caused by environmental destruction seems overwhelming - yet the gathering storm clouds bring with them a terrible beauty of their own.

Greenpeace believes that the best images don't just change perceptions - they can change the world.


Inspiring Action. Inspiring Images.

Contact: photo.library@int.greenpeace.org


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