The Campaign Poster Awards have been running for 20 years. Recently, the medium has been going through something of a a purple patch, riding the back of famous campaigns such as Wonderbra, Benetton, Pretty Polly and Wallis.

The Campaign Poster Awards have been running for 20 years.

Recently, the medium has been going through something of a a purple

patch, riding the back of famous campaigns such as Wonderbra, Benetton,

Pretty Polly and Wallis.

Perhaps it’s because, amid the constant talk about the fragmentation of

media and, in particular, the efficacy and cost of television

advertising as we enter the digital era, the power of posters as a mass

medium has never been more apparent.

Those high-profile campaigns have focused attention on the poster


Agencies - and particularly their creative departments - now want to be

associated with the outdoor medium.

Contractors and specialists have capitalised on this by enticing a

series of significant new advertisers to a medium whose renewed

confidence is clearly visible in the quality of this year’s 1998

Campaign Poster Awards winners. Campaign thanks all of our sponsors who

help make the awards the industry’s own event.

Awards schemes such as this showcase the work, with the intention of

inspiring others to the same heights, hopefully establishing a virtuous

circle. Evidence of this can be witnessed in the innovations category,

where what would once have been dismissed as stunts have become part of

the mainstream.

I’m sure you won’t agree with all the winners, but I hope you concur

that the overall standard shows that the poster industry is thriving and

represents a hotbed of creative effectiveness.


Adshel is one of the fastest growing media. More than 75 per cent of the

top 100 advertisers use Adshel, recognising the impact that its

campaigns achieve.

This exciting medium was launched in 1987 with 1,200 panels in Greater

London. Now there are more than 30,000 panels nationwide.

The location of each site is plotted by computer to within one metre,

enabling our planning team to network groups of panels that offer the

best locations and distribution for complete national and regional


In addition, our mapping facility is flexible enough to ensure that

different campaigns deliver specific audiences. For example, the Key

Locations campaigns are ideal for upmarket shoppers and the Shopping

campaigns cannot be ignored by fmcg advertisers.

POSTAR, with its rigid definition of coverage and frequency, means that

Adshel can guarantee audience delivery whatever the time of year.

One of the unique aspects of Adshel is its ability to communicate with

young people - an audience other media find increasingly difficult to

capture. Its Youth campaigns have proved extremely effective in building

awareness with those elusive 18- to 24-year-olds.

Our commitment to accountability is also demonstrated by the Adshel

Research Monitor, a free research service, which measures the

effectiveness of London and national Adshel Citylight campaigns

fortnightly. With more than1,200 ads in the database, we can provide

multivariate analyses.


Augustus Martin is the largest producer of posters in the UK, and is

sponsoring the best use of illustration award for the fifth consecutive


As a leader in poster printing for more than 30 years, Augustus Martin

has been privileged to develop close working relationships with many

leading agencies and brands. The company’s range of capabilities is

extensive and includes four- to 96-sheet posters, bus and taxi sides,

Adshel superlites/supabrites, and a variety of other media.

The key to Augustus Martin’s service is the major investment that has

been made in production capacity, which covers three major print areas,

ie: screen process - in which it is the largest in Europe -

lithographic, and digital imaging.

Indeed, the overall resources are formidable with some 500 staff

employed at a four-acre factory complex in Bromley-by-Bow. The most

advanced printing technology in the world is to be found there; in fact,

all aspects of production are carried out in-house, including fully

digitised pre-press operations and extensive finishing facilities.

Research and development is another key aspect of the Augustus Martin

success story and a rich reservoir of printing innovations has been

created to provide novel and striking ways of using the poster medium.

For many clients, the company is automatically the first port of call

when seeking specialist printing effects to achieve a creative


Augustus Martin is also a leader in the field of point-of-sale display

and other promotional print and offers retail organisations the option

of a complete stock management and distribution service.

For further information contact Ken Hayzer on 0171-537 4200.


Blade gets the best value and gives the best value in outdoor


We succeed because our aim is to get as close to the market as we


To achieve this, we have the greatest resources in outdoor buying, both

at head office and in the field. We are the biggest buying point in the

industry, and this is advantageous to our clients. Uniquely, we have a

specialist in every segment of the market and we operate in all aspects

of the market every day.

In the past year, Blade bought 50 per cent of the quality package


Blade’s clients have 20 people working for them on their buying


How many have you got?

We are happy to sponsor the poster awards because we think it is an

opportunity to target the right people. You are reading this, so thank

you for making this another successful piece of buying.

Steve Wilson, the managing director of Blade, is also the chairman of

the Poster User group and a member of the POSTAR Development Advisory



Established for more than 40 years, Bovince Limited is one of Europe’s

largest screen process printers. It is based in Walthamstow, E17 and

employs 60 staff.

With 12 machines and 24-hour working, Bovince has the capacity to handle

all screen print requirements - from four-sheet through to 96-sheet

posters, Adshel superlites, bus-sides and bus-backs, banners, backlit

PVC skins, and all point-of-sale display work, including clear focus

film. Bovince works for most of the UK’s leading advertising agencies,

outdoor advertising specialists, national advertisers and bus companies,

and has received many awards for its work. It can offer clients a full

service with its in-house design, repro and proofing facilities

in-house, Apple Mac workstations and ISDN lines.

Bovince is ISO 9002 accredited for quality assurance, ISO 14001 - and

EMAS - accredited for its environmental management systems and has

recently achieved the Investors In People standard.

Bovince invests in the community through the modern apprenticeship

programme and has a commitment to support education, training and

community affairs wherever it can. The company offers work experience

for school-leavers and also recycles safe wastepaper through charity

scrap projects nationwide.

For more information, contact Leigh Rosen, sales director, tel: 0181-527

0047, fax: 0181-527 0453.


Concord is the UK’s leading independent agency specialising in

out-of-home media. The company has continued to strengthen its

authoritative position through commitment to the highest levels of

service to its customers.

It is the only specialist to have won the BSI ISO 9002 quality kite mark

for service. Audited by BSI, this accreditation is now in its third


- Independent

- BSI ISO 9002 quality service accreditation

- Strategic Planning

- Innovation

- Accountability

- Transparency

- pounds 70 million billings

- Centralised appointment expertise (45 per cent of billings)

Concord continues to champion ambient media and the innovative use of

this sector has successfully given Concord’s clients a point of

difference and an edge in campaign awareness. For the first time, this

increasingly important sector has been quantified in Concord’s ’Ambient

Media Report,’ published in July this year.

Seventeen per cent growth, further recruitment, and continued investment

in providing the account teams with the right tools and the right

training have ensured increased market share, and yet another successful

year for Concord. Billings this year should top pounds 70 million.

Additional services and resources are available via Concord’s parent

company, Alban Communications. These have been expanded


Alban’s European Network, ONE (Outdoor Network Europe) continues to

flourish, and with OuterSpace, a new joint venture with Primesight

International, the Alban group has an unparalleled worldwide airport


For further information, contact Nigel Mansell or Alan Simmons on

0171-543 4444.


JC Decaux is the world’s largest street furniture advertising company,

with a presence in more than 1,100 cities across Europe and the US.

JC Decaux has the reputation of bringing people the very best in outdoor

advertising. The quality of our designs, maintenance and service has set

the industry standard; bringing innovation and the best possible

locations to our advertisers.

We are now proud and excited to be able to bring you the most innovative

point-of-sale advertising medium by announcing the roll-out this autumn

of our partnership with Tesco.

Tesco is the UK’s largest grocery retailer, with more stores, more

retail floor space and a revolutionary and dynamic approach to

marketing. By combining Tesco’s strengths in retailing and JC Decaux’s

dedication to the best in outdoor advertising, these networks create a

new and exciting communication opportunity.

Two hundred Tesco superstores have been targeted and each has been

carefully mapped in order to identify the ’hot spots’ within the car

park. By using specially commissioned furniture, JC Decaux locate

back-lit panels that guarantee advertisers maximum visibility and


Together with JC Decaux’s established ’roadside’ network of Citylight

panels in key British cities, the company is on target to achieve 10,000

panels by the end of 1999.



Maiden Outdoor is delighted to sponsor the best grocery category at this

year’s Campaign poster awards.

Maiden is one of the largest UK Outdoor media owners and one of the most

progressive. In 1991, the company launched Flagship, the first

illuminated 48-sheet campaign. Subsequent innovations include campaigns

specifically designed to target youth, housewives or AB business people.

Maiden also introduced the first national backlit campaign - Apollo.

Continued investment in the medium is demonstrated by the company’s

pounds 3 million commitment to Operation Floodlight, which will provide

a minimum of 45 per cent illumination across all Maiden’s 48-sheet


Maiden is also investing in its railway advertising products. Working in

close co-operation with the train operating companies and RailTrack, the

company has introduced, among other initiatives, a major six-sheet

development programme designed to give increased quality and impact.

As well as being a major force in large formats, Maiden has recently

diversified into the six-sheet sector concentrating on non-roadside


This includes six-sheets at supermarkets and shopping malls, creating a

targeted, niche outdoor option.

An exclusive concession with Safeway was set up to develop a national

portfolio of panels at Safeway supermarkets. Similar concessions with

Somerfield, Asda, Kwik Save, Morrison and Savacentre have been added,

giving advertisers the opportunity to reach 20 million UK shoppers per


Maiden is a customer-led company and has based its range of added-value

services on client requirements. These services include Maiden Mentor, a

pre-testing facility for creative work, and Maiden Postercall, a

research service quantifying the role of Outdoor within the direct

response mix.

Outdoor advertising continues to be one of the most dynamic sectors in

advertising and Maiden continues to be at the forefront of its



With 60 years’ experience in outdoor, More O’Ferrall has consistently

provided supersite campaigns that lend prestige, stature and impact to


Combine that impressive creative canvas with the best locations and the

best distribution and you have the most dominant, forceful campaigns in

the market.

Quality is of paramount importance and More O’Ferrall offers sites that

are unique in their location, illumination, presentation and


More O’Ferrall supersites are uncluttered and are positioned facing or

angled to traffic, so that they dominate the landscape as drivers head

towards them.

More O’Ferrall is the only contractor to provide state-of-the-art white

light illumination which ensures that every single inch of the panel is

visible even on the darkest night.

Every panel has the same smart livery, protecting both company and

client reputation. With sites in almost every major town and city with

populations of more than 100,000, More O’Ferrall is dedicated to

development on roads with the highest traffic flows, resulting in the

hardest working campaigns.

Our reputation for market leadership is well founded. Over the past

year, we have re-entered the 48-sheet market and now have a strong

presence in London and Granada, and campaigns in Anglia, Meridian,

Yorkshire and Central.


Once again we are delighted to sponsor the innovation category,

particularly this year when creative use of the medium has come of


Our own company involvement in this sector has been exceptional. Here

are three examples - Cadbury Snack’s use of 3D cut-outs, American

Airlines’ unique sponsorship of Bank Station, and Yellow Pages’

multi-faceted use of the transport medium including the first use of

illuminated bus-sides.

As the Madrid conference highlighted, the outdoor medium has never

offered so many dynamic, exciting opportunities. Of course, to stay at

the cutting edge of planning requires dedicated, comprehensive

specialist knowledge.

However, it also requires something more - the ability to distinguish

and rationalise what is relevant for the needs of each advertiser, from

beer mat advertising to broadcast 96-sheets.

Outdoor Connection is owned by BMP DDB, New PHD and Alban

Communications, bringing together two leading media companies with the

leading Outdoor specialist group. This results in planning excellence

and massive buying leverage. Our ownership demands that we provide gold

standard service in our specialist field.

Looking forward to next year, it is even more important that your

specialist is able to offer accountable, objective, best advice on all

facets of our medium.

If you want to know more about Outdoor Connection, please call Carole

Kerman on 0171-307 9700.


Outdoor Focus is a joint venture company owned by the CIA Group and

Alban Communications. It adopts a highly individual approach to the

planning, buying and administration of outdoor, with account directors

controlling all aspects of the operation while harnessing specialist

buying skills where appropriate - rather than delegating the buying task

to a centralised unit.

This unique, hands-on service enables it to ensure that it keeps pace

with the increasingly complex world of outdoor. The POSTAR research

system is the forerunner of a data explosion with information combining

demographics, population movement and methods of transport becoming more

accessible and manipulable.

This will enable outdoor to be planned and bought in the same

sophisticated way as other media, but will require a high level of

expertise and technical know-how to handle it. The ability to exploit

the potential data overload needs to be available to as many people as

possible. It should not sit in darkened rooms with one user.

Outdoor Focus’s unique account handling system and the investment it has

made in technology and training will enable everyone to use the data in

all the elements of planning and buying.

With all this expansion of skills, the term ’poster specialist’ is

really no longer an adequate word to describe the service provided by

Outdoor Focus. This rather tight definition tells only half the


The company has invested heavily in new technology and, through its

GeoFocus service, offers geodemographic mapping and data analysis second

to none.

GeoFocus extends far beyond outdoor into radio, press and direct


A crucial tool, as outdoor is in the media mix, will now be a more

quantifiable currency. Outdoor will now have the information to

complement the new structures we see on our streets.

Along with Outdoor Focus’s belief in expanding its service, it also aims

to ensure that it is translating these skills into providing a quality

service to its clients.

It has therefore introduced the control and administration disciplines

necessary to guarantee the service. As proof that these disciplines were

firmly installed in its systems, it was the first outdoor specialist to

be awarded the ISO 9001 quality mark.

Outdoor Focus offers the latest in systems and technology with a

hands-on service that is second to none.


PC&DS was formed in 1983 by Eric Mould and Tony Gibbs to offer a poster

distribution service to the outdoor industry. It competed with two

established operations, both of which have since ceased trading, leaving

PC&DS as the sole specialist provider of poster distribution and


PC&DS has modern links to all Council of Outdoor Specialists members

through which it receives campaign details. It feeds these into its own

bespoke computer programme and arranges for national poster campaign

distribution within 24 hours. PC&DS is committed to improving

performance and productivity in the growing and diverse outdoor industry

in all areas, particularly IT.

PC&DS has also computerised its storage system. Details of all products,

designs and the location of current and out-of-charge posters -

numbering in the region of half-a-million and more than 2,000

product/design categories - are stored on computer.

PC&DS is based in Hainault, Essex, in a warehouse some 25,000 feet


It has a staff of 35, 17 of whom have been with the company for more

than five years. The administrative staff who deal with all

specialist/agency/printer and poster contractor queries boast more than

100 years’ experience of the outdoor industry between them and have

thorough problem-solving abilities.

PC&DS runs a fleet of 15 commercial vehicles that cover in excess of one

million miles a year between them. The company base is well located for

the M25 and therefore all motorways, enabling it to cover the country

every working day. Deliveries are made to poster contractor depots day

and night, PC&DS having agreed access to all contractor premises. So

PC&DS is able to deliver posters nationally within 24 hours of them

leaving Hainault.

Since 1983, PC&DS’s founders have expanded into bill-posting and print

finishing through the formation of associated companies. Bill-posting is

undertaken through Felgate Billposting, which covers London, Anglia and

the home counties for all major poster contractors, including Maiden

Outdoor and More O’Ferrall. Print finishing is provided by PC&DS


This company provides a collation service to the poster printing


Through both these operations a level of service has been established

that has helped move the outdoor medium forward in terms of speeding up

the printing process, especially with larger campaign sizes and by

cutting posting times while still improving presentation standards.

This group will continue to provide investment to help make the outdoor

medium more effective and successful.


Photonica is different: where traditional photo-libraries offer neutral

imagery in which the fact depicted is all-important, Photonica has

specialised in the metaphorical, the allusive, and the non-neutral. In

other words, Photonica makes available the kind of pictures art

directors would otherwise have to commission. Photonica represents

photographers who have something to say with their pictures, and the

skill with which to say it.

Photonica will be launching their first European catalogue in


The contributing photographers have good reputations in art photography,

in journalism, in commercial work, anywhere where strong pictures are

important. This catalogue makes other stock look like clip-art, and it

brings more choice to people who want their pictures to be as strong as

possible even when they use stock.

Photonica’s new catalogue is called HOT - and it is.



Since its formation in 1976, Portland’s primary objective has been to

achieve better value in the outdoor medium for the clients and agencies

with whom it works.

Portland’s 87 UK staff includes its sister companies, PrimeAds

International and Media Insight Outdoor, as well as its North of England

office based in Manchester. More than two-thirds of resources are

dedicated to buying and account handling.

During 1997, its site evaluation system (PSV) for measuring quality was

entirely updated. All 48-sheet and larger roadside sites in the UK have

been independently re-evaluated, photographed and GIS mapped to provide

vehicular and pedestrian scores and to run in parallel with POSTAR.

Worldwide, this PSV analysis extends to half-a-million sites and forms

an integral part of our global mapping technology, applied consistently

to provide national, international or cross-continent campaigns for all

sizes of outdoor signage.

The company’s continued investment in its global product has brought a

consistency of approach to all markets it operates in, and has helped

Portland establish offices in every continent servicing clients in more

than 50 countries.

Portland’s global market position and billings of pounds 130 million are

the result of a positive approach to making outdoor advertising more

accountable and successful and a consistent investment in its business

and in technology.

Its commitment to continued investment has contributed to making it the

largest and most influential out-of-home planning and buying company in

the world.


This year we inadvertently stirred up a bit of a hornet’s nest calling

ourselves the ’poster experts’. None of our clients had any problem

about our making this distinction.

But some of our competitors, to our surprise, seemed a little put out!

So, how do we justify this?

First, like all service-led businesses our key resource is our


This year, Posterscope was the first media company to be awarded the

status of Investors in People, the ultimate recognition of staff

training, development and fulfilment.

Then there is our belief that the best people perform even better when

equipped with the most powerful support systems. To give our planners

and buyers the technological edge over the competition we developed

PRISM (Posterscope Research Integrated Systems & Models).

PRISM is an extraordinarily advanced suite of planning and buying tools,

that, in the hands of our team of experts, brings to our clients’

campaigns the kind of control, precision and accountability not

previously associated with the outdoor medium.

So how are our clients reacting? It would appear with even greater

confidence, since our UK billing will grow this year to pounds 120

million and reinforce our position as the UK’s largest buying point.

Further evidence has been the launch of a new joint venture, Premier

Outdoor, with MBS, alongside our established and successful partnerships

with Zenith (Meridian) and the Media Business (Media Business


Finally, our expertise is acknowledged and appreciated well beyond the

confines of the London media scene. Our Irish and international

operations continue to flourish; and our Manchester-based company,

Posterscope in the North, is clear leader in its market with around 50

per cent share.

We’re pleased to report that our rivals are - for the most part - back

on friendly terms with Posterscope again.

We’re glad. We see no reason why experts and specialists shouldn’t get

on with one another.


Primelight is one of the fastest growing and most successful outdoor

advertising companies in the UK. The company, which began in 1994, now

offers comprehensive national and regional six-sheet campaigns and a

unique conurbation campaign that allows advertisers to reach a high

proportion of the population.

At Primelight we have found that being one of the newer players has

given us a fresh perspective of the industry. Our coverage and site

development policy is based single-mindedly on listening to what media

professionals and advertisers really want.

The criteria we use when creating packages and selecting sites is based

on two principles: all our panels are on A or B roads, delivering

balanced coverage and distribution within a given area without the

restriction of only being able to build panels on bus routes; and more

than 90 per cent of any Primelight campaign will always be head-on - the

orientation buyers want.

All our displays are carefully designed to lead the eye - with minimum

distraction - directly to the advertiser’s message. Our six-sheets are

regularly serviced and cleaned and, thanks to our new advanced light box

technology, illumination levels are high and the lighting is evenly

distributed with no flickering.

We also provide a high level of quality information, delivering not only

the POSTAR scores you need, but also advanced computer mapping and full

details of the precise nature of each Primelight panel, right down to

distance from kerbside and proximity to retail outlets.

If you would like more information on the Primelight approach, please

call Simon Tapsall on 0171-393 4900.

Primelight is part of Primesight plc, which is publicly quoted on the

London Stock Exchange.


Now celebrating our 25th anniversary as the market leader, Taxi Media

has enjoyed another year of innovation and rapid growth.

We have seen the effective launch of a number of dramatic livery

campaigns and new products as well as leading the way in international

and national taxi advertising developments. In the past year, we have

consolidated our partnerships in the Middle East and Europe while still

providing national campaigns in the UK.

The medium remains unique in its ability to add value to mainstream

usage by directly interacting with the passenger through product

placement, promotions, and PR functions, alongside its dynamic

penetration of key city centre markets.

A number of media claim to cover London, but none can match the

combination of concentration and dominance Taxi Media delivers within

the critical central London area. Taxi drivers are visible across the

city 24 hours a day.

This concentrated effort brings results against the critical market and

audience focused in the heart of the capital city, the highest density

of purchasing power in the UK, covering politics, business, retail,

entertainment, tourism and media, ensuring a high impact on a vital and

affluent audience with minimum wastage.

Continuing its pattern of product innovation, Taxi Media has now

launched the dramatic superside product, giving media buyers a chance to

purchase tactical campaigns with full ’cab ownership’.

Over the past year, we have moved from strength to strength with our

liveried products, demonstrating taxi media’s leadership of the


Recent campaigns this year include the Spice Girls’ album launch and the

dramatic Heart FM campaign, giving superb creative impact all over


Our innovative approach to production ensures that the pricing of livery

is now affordable and cost-effective. Taxi Media continues to be

committed to providing our clients with long-term, cost-effective

campaigns with added PR value.

Contact us about your next campaign and join our list of satisfied



TDI entered the UK market in 1994 with the acquisition of London

Transport Advertising. London Underground media remains a key component

on London media schedules; buses have emerged as a genuinely national

broadcast media network. TDI has extended the scope of transport

advertising in the UK with recent contract wins for tram


TDI offers an integrated sales and marketing service for advertisers

seeking a one-stop-shop package incorporating campaign design, poster

production, advertising effectiveness research and PR.

The bus medium’s inherent flexibility means campaigns are sold on a

national basis with bespoke packages, by TV region, conurbation or town,

offering broadcast or narrowcast targeting, backed by research.

The Mega Rear revolution has swept the streets of Britain over the past

12 months, attracting advertisers from the worlds of fashion, cosmetics,

music and telecoms. Other creative angles include roof advertising,

fully vinyl-wrapped buses, sampling and bus step risers.

Bus advertisers cover international blue-chip names from an extensive

category base, including communications companies Yellow Pages and

Vodafone; fashion houses such as Armani and DKNY; fmcg brands Persil and

Nestle; and entertainment names such as Sony and HMV.

The underground is ripe for innovative media product developments.

Special builds for Yellow Pages (fully liveried tube train), Vaseline

deodorant (strap-hangers) and American Airlines (280 ft trav-o-lator

mural) illustrate the range of possibilities.

TDI handles exclusive sponsorship rights for Underground property.

Current sponsors include Nicotinell (no smoking signs); Capital Radio

and Xfm (whole Underground stations). The impending millennium

celebrations and sponsorship opportunities for the Jubilee Line

extension promise worldwide media attention for potential sponsors.

For further information, please contact, Robert Thurner at TDI, tel

0171-428 2828.


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