Campaign Poster Advertising Awards 1999: Sponsor Profiles Photographs (Omitted)




Adshel is delighted to sponsor this year’s Best Fashion and Beauty


More Group’s 6-sheet brand, Adshel, is the leading Citylights provider

in the UK outdoor market, providing 35,000 sites nationwide and offering

one of the most versatile means of reaching your key audience.

Adshel is the perfect outdoor vehicle and is able to reach specific

targets or a truly mass audience. Adshel can access targeted segments of

the population when they’re most receptive - when they’re on the way to

and from work, shopping and school - through our sophisticated mapping


Our national coverage helps us to provide some of the most comprehensive

distribution available, providing the highest quality and value in terms

of visibility and location. Adshel offers the best illuminated coverage

12 months a year - 95 per cent of sites are illuminated, ensuring that

your message stands out at all times, whatever the month. As roadside

media audiences continue to grow, Adshel provides an unbeatable balance

of reach and frequency.

Recently, Adshel has invested more than pounds 2 million in constructing

a state-of-the-art research and development centre. This will ensure

that our clients benefit from the very latest facilities and technology

and the development of new international advertising products.

Adshel is also accountable, offering an ongoing advertising research

programme. The Adshel Research Monitor (ARM) undertaken by Millward

Brown every two weeks provides fully quantified data on campaign

awareness and recall.

The More Group is now part of the world’s largest outdoor media company,

Clear Channel Communications.


Augustus Martin is the largest producer of posters in the UK, and is

sponsoring the Best Use Of Illustration award for the sixth consecutive


As a leader in poster printing for more than 30 years, Augustus Martin

has been privileged to develop close working relationships with many

leading agencies and brands. The company’s range of capabilities is

extensive and includes 4- to 96-sheet posters, bus and taxi sides,

Adshel superlites/supabrites and a variety of other media.

The key to Augustus Martin’s service is the major investment that has

been made in production capacity, which covers three major print areas:

screen process - in which it is the largest in Europe - lithographic and

digital imaging. Indeed, the overall resources are formidable with some

500 staff employed at a four-acre factory complex in Bromley-by-Bow

which is home to the most advanced printing technology in the world. In

fact, all aspects of production are carried out in-house, including

fully digitised pre-press operations and extensive finishing


Research and development is another key aspect of the Augustus Martin

success story, and a rich reservoir of printing innovations has been

created to provide novel and striking ways of using the poster medium.

For many clients, the company is automatically the first port of call

when seeking specialist printing effects to achieve a creative


Augustus Martin is also a leader in the field of point-of-sale display

and other promotional print and offers retail organisations the option

of a complete stock management and distribution service.

For further information contact Ken Hayzer on: 0207 537 4200.


Blade is the UK’s leading outdoor buying company.

Blade is the biggest buying resource in the industry.

Blade Tracker is the most comprehensive database available in the


Blade buys more than a quarter of all UK outdoor campaigns.

For more information, contact Steve Wilson on: 0207 543 4488.


Established for more than 40 years, Bovince Limited is one of Europe’s

largest screen process printers. It is based in Walthamstow, London E17

and employs 60 staff.

With 12 machines and 24-hour working, Bovince has the capacity to handle

all screen print requirements - from 4-sheet through to 96-sheet

posters, Adshel superlites, bus-sides and bus-backs, banners, backlit

PVC skins and all point-of-sale display work, including clear focus


Bovince works for most of the UK’s leading advertising agencies, outdoor

advertising specialists, national advertisers and bus companies, and has

received many awards for its work. It can offer clients a full service

with its in-house design, repro and proofing facilities in-house, Apple

Mac workstations and ISDN lines.

Bovince is ISO 9002 accredited for quality assurance, ISO 14001 and EMAS

accredited for its environmental management systems, and has recently

achieved the Investors In People standard.

Bovince invests in the community through the modern apprenticeship

programme and has a commitment to support education, training and

community affairs wherever it can. The company offers work experience

for school-leavers and recycles safe wastepaper through charity scrap

projects nationwide.

For more information, contact Leigh Rosen, sales director, on: 0208 527

0047, fax: 0208 527 0453.


Concord has a strong culture of professionalism built over many years of

commitment to the needs of our clients. We have a clear focus on their

future objectives, and through innovation, investment and training we

continue to lead the market, forcing the pace of change to our clients’


For further information please contact Nigel Mansell, managing director,

on: 0207 543 4444.


Corbis Images offers its customers the world’s most compelling

editorial, commercial, historical, celebrity, news and fine art imagery.

The Corbis Collection is made up of more than 25 million images with

more than 1.5 million available online. Notable sources include Ansel

Adams, Galen Rowell, David and Peter Turnley, the Bettmann Collection,

Lynn Goldsmith, Roger Ressmeyer and works from the National Gallery,

London and the State Hermitage Museum, Russia.

Recently, Corbis acquired Digital Stock and Westlight, two leading

providers of commercial photography, Outline, the celebrity portraiture

agency and Sygma, the world renowned news agency.

Corbis Images offers a true one-stop shopping experience via its

innovative internet system where you can search, save, edit, order and

receive images online. By providing access to both traditionally

licensed and royalty free images, Corbis Images makes finding and

licensing an image fast and easy.

The Corbis Collection can be accessed from


JCDecaux is the world’s largest street furniture advertising company and

has a global presence in more than 1,250 major cities across Europe,

America and Australasia.

In April of this year, JCDecaux acquired Havas Media Communication - and

believes outdoor advertising is to become the main cross-sector player

in the advertising medium worldwide. In the UK the acquisition included

the Mills & Allen and Sky Sites brands; the leaders in large format

(48- and 96-sheet) and airport advertising.

JCDecaux is committed to bringing the same quality of product design and

customer service advertising that it has established in street furniture

to the large format and transport sector.

With extensive coverage in the UK, JCDecaux has already established a

high-quality network of 10,000 Citylight panels, with London,

Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield among the portfolio of cities.

Nottingham and Plymouth have been added in 1999 as the company continues

to convince more cities of the quality of its street furniture.

A network of 1,350 panels at the largest 200 Tesco’s superstores was

also established in 1999. In the UK, this is the point-of-sale

advertising medium with the most impact. The network has already been

used by the top advertisers, including Mars, Nestle, Kellogg and Kraft

General Foods, who were attracted by the most impactful sites at the

best performing stores in the country.

The quality of our designs and maintenance and the emphasis placed on

customer service has redefined industry standards. JCDecaux has

consistently used the world’s leading designers to ensure that our

clients’ messages are displayed to their full potential. Norman Foster,

Phillippe Starck and Porsche Design are just a few of the names that

have placed JCDecaux street furniture at the forefront of urban


Out-of-home advertising in the future will focus on communicating via

high-quality sites across all sizes and formats. JCDecaux is in the

vanguard, making this future a reality.



Once again, Maiden Outdoor is delighted to sponsor the Best Grocery

category at this year’s Campaign poster awards.

Maiden is one of the largest UK outdoor media owners with more than 70

years’ experience of the medium. The company is one of the most

progressive in the market with a diverse product portfolio; providing

advertising opportunities on the roadside, at rail stations,

supermarkets and, more recently, shopping malls.

Innovation is also one of the company’s core strengths. Product

innovations include the industry’s first audience-related campaigns,

targeting AB business people and youth; the first national backlit

network, Maiden Apollo; Maiden Duration - the first poster product based

on duration of audience impact - and Dynamic Solutions, a pool of

48-sheets, each of which is classified by geodemographic group, retail

proximity and physical characteristics, to provide more effective

campaigns through more efficient targeting.

Continued investment in the medium is also demonstrated by the company’s

multi-million pound commitment to Operation Floodlight - providing a

minimum of 45 per cent illumination across Maiden’s 48-sheet campaigns -

and the introduction of our unique Reflect lighting system, creating

heightened impact and standout for outdoor campaigns.

Maiden is also investing in its railway advertising products and can now

offer a fully integrated series of options to clients, from standard

poster formats to exhibitions on main concourses, banners and floor


Maiden’s recent diversification into the non-roadside 6-sheet sector has

created a point-of-sale market. With panels at Asda, Safeway, Morrisons,

Somerfield and KwikSave, and also the UK’s top shopping centres, clients

can now use posters to target consumers actually at the point of


Added value is also a key brand strength. Maiden Plus is available to

all our clients and includes services ranging from Maiden Mentor, a

creative pre-testing service, and Maiden QED, which monitors the sales

effect of posters, to our consumer-targeted website,, and

GIS mapping.

Outdoor advertising continues to be one of the most dynamic sectors in

advertising and Maiden continues to be at the forefront of its




More Group is delighted to sponsor this year’s prestigious award for the

Best 96-sheet Poster. More O’Ferrall, More Group’s large format brand in

this sector, continues to offer the best 96-sheets and the highest

quality outdoor advertising opportunities by providing:

- Access to the UK’s most highly sought after roadside locations

- Highest possible standards of presentation

- Comprehensive distribution

Our campaign packages ensure that our clients receive the best value for

money and the best service. Each package provides the quality,

presentation, distribution and, above all, access to the key population

groups you need to target. Our campaigns work hard.

More O’Ferrall’s dedication to improving site and location quality,

combined with more than 60 years’ experience, provides our clients with

the best advertising opportunities on the market. Our sites, angled to

the traffic to dominate the landscape as drivers head towards them,

bring prestige, stature and impact to advertising in an uncluttered


In early 2000, all of our 48-sheet sites will undergo rebranding to

bring all of our 48-, 64- and 96-sheet sites together under one name

synonymous with quality and expertise - More O’Ferrall. Our Research

Monitor service, currently available on 6-sheet campaigns, will also

cover our landscape formats from autumn 1999. Undertaken by Millward

Brown every two weeks, the survey provides fully quantified data on

campaign awareness and recall.

More Group is now part of the world’s largest outdoor media company,

Clear Channel Communications.



Outdoor Focus is a joint venture company owned by the Tempus Group and

Alban Communications.

We adopt a highly individual approach to the planning, buying and

administration of outdoor media, with account directors controlling all

aspects of the operation from conception to implementation. This

hands-on approach enables us to offer our clients the most thorough and

innovative solutions to their outdoor media requirements.

A year that has seen much change to the face of the outdoor industry has

been a year of further success for us, with growth in excess of 20 per

cent. We are confident this trend will continue into next year and

beyond with further investment planned in both personnel and


The company has invested heavily in new technology and, through its

GeoFocus service, offers geodemographic mapping and data analysis that

has capabilities far beyond just outdoor.

To substantiate our claims on quality of service, Outdoor Focus will

next year enjoy its fifth year of ISO 9001 accreditation. We were the

first outdoor specialist to be awarded the ISO 9001 quality mark.

Outdoor Focus delivers the latest in systems, technology and


We are delighted to be sponsoring the Best Media or Entertainment Poster




Primelight continues to be one of the fastest growing outdoor companies

in the United Kingdom. Our success is built on delivering quality panels

in quality locations and being flexible in how our panels are


We offer 7,000 illuminated 6-sheet panels in national, regional and

conurbation campaigns. We have recently introduced a unique CTN campaign

and a Youth campaign to meet advertisers’ demands for increased


By using Primelight’s advanced GIS (Geographic Information System)

advertisers can also purchase panels to reach specific retail audiences

and population sectors with a high degree of accuracy. This has been

regularly used to create bespoke campaigns.

The majority of Primelight panels are free-standing and offer high

visibility and value.

More than 95 per cent of Primelight panels are Head-on to the main

classified road where they are located.

Panels are built on classified roads to ensure a high vehicular traffic


Primelight campaigns provide better-balanced coverage because

development is not limited to bus routes.

If you, like many advertisers, question the value of parallel-oriented

6-sheet campaigns, get the full frontal facts now.

Call Simon Tapsall on: 0207 393 4900.



PC&DS was formed in 1983 by Eric Mould and Tony Gibbs to offer a poster

distribution service to the outdoor industry. It competed with two

established operations, both of which have since ceased trading, leaving

PC&DS as the sole specialist provider of poster distribution and


PC&DS has modern links to all Council of Outdoor Specialists members

through which it receives campaign details. It feeds these into its own

bespoke computer program and arranges for national poster campaign

distribution within 24 hours. PC&DS is committed to improving

performance and productivity in the growing and diverse outdoor industry

in all areas, particularly IT.

PC&DS has also computerised its storage system. Details of all products,

designs and the location of current and out-of-charge posters -

numbering in the region of half-a-million and more than 2,000

product/design categories - are stored on computer.

PC&DS is based in Hainault, Essex, in a warehouse some 25,000 feet


It has a staff of 35, 17 of whom have been with the company for more

than five years. The administrative staff who deal with all

specialist/agency/printer and poster contractor queries boast more than

100 years’ experience of the outdoor industry between them and have

thorough problem-solving abilities.

PC&DS runs a fleet of 15 commercial vehicles that cover in excess of one

million miles a year between them. The company base is well located for

the M25 and therefore all motorways, enabling it to cover the country

every working day. Deliveries are made to poster contractor depots day

and night, PC&DS having agreed access to all contractor premises. So

PC&DS is able to deliver posters nationally within 24 hours of them

leaving Hainault.

Since 1983, PC&DS’s founders have expanded into bill-posting and print

finishing through the formation of associated companies. Bill-posting is

undertaken through Felgate Billposting, which covers London, Anglia and

the home counties for all major poster contractors, including Maiden

Outdoor and More O’Ferrall. Print finishing is provided by PC&DS


This company provides a collation service to the poster printing


Through both these operations a level of service has been established

that has helped move the outdoor medium forward in terms of speeding up

the printing process, especially with larger campaign sizes and by

cutting posting times while still improving presentation standards.

This group will continue to provide investment to help make the outdoor

medium more effective and successful.



Consolidation has been the key driver on the sales side of the outdoor

industry during the last 18 months. Clear Channel bought the More Group,

Decaux bought M&A, Scottish Radio Holdings snapped up the major regional

contractors Trainer, Vision and Parkin - relaunching as Score Outdoor -

and Scottish Media have bought Primesight and Baillie Advertising. A

market that used to be personified by many smaller companies and

geographically fragmentation is now dominated by a handful of major

companies, in line with all other major media. What are the implications

of this to the medium generally and Posterscope specifically?

Posterscope anticipated this consolidation and has long recognised the

importance of growth and market position - it is difficult to influence

a market without it.

We have continued to invest in people and systems and enhanced our

groundbreaking PRISM suite of planning and buying tools with plans for

further launches.

We have continued to develop innovative solutions in our approach to

handling business and as a result will have achieved total billings of

pounds 150 million this year.

Posterscope is well placed in this new market. As market leader, we are

at the table in all circumstances. We believe that consolidation is

positive to the medium in the sense that investment is good for

advertisers. The worry could be that multi-national owners will want a

more homogenised medium (more packages, blander research) which would

not be in our clients’ interest. We will be seeking their assistance in

helping us prevent this.

The future looks very positive and no doubt technology will play its

part with the growth of electronic sites, selling by daypart and

offering interactive opportunities. At Posterscope we are committed to

working with the market to provide the most accountable medium, offering

demonstrably better value to all its users.



Taxi Media, the leading taxi advertising contractor, has found the pace

of advertisers subscribing to the medium accelerating, with sales up 70

per cent in the first half of 1999. Growth has been supported by senior

appointments and an increase in staff.

A major factor in this is the arrival of new, larger high-impact sites

that, for the first time, fully utilise the medium’s potential as a

tactical tool, with unique penetration of Central London and an

exclusive user base. Our superside product innovation is achieving huge

success and advertisers like fcuk, Marks & Spencer and Eurostar, have

established its credentials as an effective marketing tool.

Economies of scale have brought liveried taxis into the mainstream with

over 1,000 now on the road. Some of this year’s liveries include the new

Financial Times, United Airlines and Hewlett Packard campaigns, all

creating superb impact.

Our adding value focus has attracted an expanding client base of

blue-chip names. Extras like Carlton’s branded receipts, Christian

Dior’s Oxford Street sampling and featuring in an ATL campaign for One

Tel exploit the many dimensions afforded by the taxi medium.

Taxi Media continues to commit to providing clients with what they want

and investing heavily in research to provide quantifiable and

well-targeted solutions.

So, if you want your campaign to stand out from the clutter, contact

Taxi Media on 0171 820 9444.



TDI entered the UK market in 1994 with the acquisition of London

Transport Advertising. Now it handles advertising on the London

Underground, buses nationwide, the Docklands Light Railway, National

Express coaches and trams across the UK. TDI’s London Underground

contract was recently extended by a further six years.

Bus advertising works well as part of a mixed-media schedule, extending

the life and reach of an ’indoor’ campaign. TDI’s new bus packages give

smaller advertisers the chance to take advantage of their benefits. In

any one month buses can be bought nationally or by individual TV region

and conurbation.

TDI’s commitment to demonstrating the accountability of the bus medium

is reflected by continued investment in the National BUSADS campaign

planner, recently given an IPA seal of approval. The IPA called BUSADS

’ingenious ... a very useful planning tool and a very valuable addition

to our knowledge’.

The number of fresh creative angles increases. Lenticular ads feature

images printed on the same corrugated panel: when the bus drives by the

ad alternates from one image to the other. Electric Paper - which won a

Millennium Products award - illuminates ads when the bus headlights are

switched on.

Advertisers on TDI media cover international blue-chip names from an

extensive category base, including Orange, Nestle, Armani, Peugeot and

Apple Computer. The booming internet category has acknowledged the value

of offline, on-track advertising: companies such as, and Yahoo! have jumped on board.


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