Campaign Promotion: Media Essays - What's next?

The prevailing mood in commercial media, after a year that shook the advertising industry to its foundations, is uncertainty.

Uncertainty over which business models to trust when traditional revenue streams have ebbed away. Uncertainty over how to connect with consumers when their media habits change with every new technological development.

And, most importantly, uncertainty over when the economy will lift, restoring brands' budgets and consumers' spending power to pre-recession levels.

So as we bid a welcome goodbye to 2009 - a year when even major media brands such as thelondonpaper and The Observer felt the pain - how can media owners and agencies emerge from the smoking rubble with their livelihood intact?

In the following media essays, industry thought-leaders analyse what 2010 will bring for their sector of media, what the media businesses of the future will look like, and how they will have to evolve to get there.

Will the future be about broadcasters using blogs to shape their relationships with audiences, or should media owners place their bets on using real-time information to influence consumers' purchasing decisions?

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